DJ Giela

I first joined SL in January 2007 after watching a report on the evening news. I used to play MMORPGS but I was tired of killing MOBS and even n00bs, so I decided to see what this "virtual world" was all about and give Second Life a try.

The first time I logged into SL I hated it!   I looked ugly and couldn't find anything.  Even worse, everyone around me seemed as lost as I was.  So I left .... but a week later, I was bored (again) with killing skeletons and decided to give Second Life another try.  I tried the SL "Search" function and looked for events.  In a stroke of good luck, I landed in an awesome club called Xanadu and had a blast.   I eventually met the owners, who took me under their wing and taught me to DJ.  Within two weeks, I was working regularly as a Second Life DJ, having fun and making friends. Since then I am completelly hooked to it.

I like all music styles - after all, I'm a request DJ - so what I most enjoy is hearing the requests from the crowd, their dedications and having fun with a bursting and joyful crowd. If you are lucky enough, you might even hear me sing!.
Well, yes,  I do love to sing.  Some say they love it, some say I suck, but either way, they have fun with me or about me ... after all, that's what all this is about.  I'm just an entertainer.  :)

From oldies rock to the latest house tunes, I absolutely love to set up playlists for events, then you can be specially creative and include some funny or strange tunes that make the crowd go "Waaa?!?" If you ever catch me DJing please feel free to drop me an IM and request your song .... I'll be very happy to play it for you!

I am currently open for bookings as a DJ for events, fashion shows and private parties.
Feel free to contact me ingame for prices and booking information.