Mar 3, 2011

Marina Skin Line and lots of make-ups !

Baiastice Marina - Intro

I know everyone has been posting about their favourite skins during the past weeks because of Vanity Universe Skin Fair and all the beauties available there. I am not the first one to blog Baiastice latest skin line "Marina", I have read fabulous reviews and seen fantastic pictures from some of the best bloggers on the feeds: Aloma Sands, Beyonce AurothariusDeeta Aeon, Gidge UrizaKeira SeeroseNadja Baxter and Sassy Scarborough, and there are probably many more I have missed, but I just had to share my love for this extremely beautiful skin and the only way I know to do it is posting some more pics!

Baiastice Marina - Skins Tones2

Marina is available in 7 different skin tones: milk, porcelaine, pale, peach, sunkiss, tan and dark and they include different hair bases (blonde, brown, red and black), optional pubic hair in the same tones, optional extreme cleavage and 3 different eyebrows. You will also find different packs for sale at the store: Collection pack that includes skin base plus 5 more make-ups,  Additional pack with 6 different make-ups,  Selection pack with skin base, day make-up (Nr 5) and night make-up (Nr 10)- I call this one pink lovers pack - and the I-want-it-all-kktnxbye Fatpack.

Baiastice Marina - Fatpack

But that's not all, Sissy Pessoa has also released a HUGE collection of tattoo layer make-ups for all the 2.0 lovers. 14 different sets of eyeshadows from thin electric eyeliners to huge leaf diffuse shadows, even some 70's inspired colorful eyeshadows. 8 different sets of lipsticks: glossy, natural, elegant, casual and some oriental designs. Full face makeups for those who doesn't have multiple layers viewers, more than 12 different black eyeliners with and without lashes and blush in both soft and hard versions for those very dramatic looks.

Baiastice Marina - Makeup Options

With all these different mix and match options you have THOUSANDS of different possibilities. I am going absolutely crazy every time I change my outfit now, I spend hours and hours mixing and matching eyeliners, eyeshadows, lashes, blushes, lipsticks and lipgloss oh and beauty marks ... I just wish I had all this in RL too... *sighs*

Baiastice Marina - Makeup Mix 2

Baiastice Marina - Makeup Mix 1

Baiastice Marina - Makeup Mix 3

And of course there are many many more, as many as you can imagine, and Sissy keeps releasing more every week, there is also a free gift in store for the dramatic look lovers, it's called Black Swan. I going back on  my Mudhoney bathtub and relax a bit after all this mix and matching, I'll leave you with some credits.

Bathtub pictures:
Bathroom from Mudhoney Seville Mini Bath Set (by Rayvn Hynes)
Includes everything you ever needed, I love the shaving animation :P
(7S) Rare Stuff: Aviator Duck - Fishing Item
Hair: Truth  Adele Expresso (by Truth Hawks)
Skin: Baiastice Marina Base (by Sissy Pessoa)

Skins Pictures:
Hair: Plume Curls in different colors (by Fauve Beaumont & Lulu Jameson) 
Skin, lipsticks and Lingerie from Baiastice
Pose from Manifeste (by July Raymaker)

Makeup Pictures:
Skin, make-up, hair and eyes from Baiastice

Baiastice Marina - End