Nov 29, 2010

Welcome to my blog Chantkare, please make yourself home.

Inventory not loading, shadows not rezzng properly, I crash every 3 or 4 snapshots, SL suddenly decided it would be fun to not move the sun how I ask him to .... Can anyone please tell me what have it done to the SL Gods to deserve this?

Chantkare 2

You know dear SL, I have way to much to do to deal with your inconsistency and sudden changes of mood so you know what? I am going to take my blog pictures as good as I can (which is not much anyway), I am going to rewrite all those shows and MVW things in word files and screw your never-loading-notecards and I am going to ask all my friends to forgive me for not recieving IMs in email, being capped every time I login and not answering their IMs because I am crashed even if they see me online.... and keep on with my life. Screw you!!  kkthxbye .


I would like to welcome to my blog the sweet and sophisticated designs of Applonia Criss from Chantkare, a really beautiful and talented woman who I have known from quite a while from BOSL Magazine Readers group but have just recently managed to meet also as a successful clothing designer. It looks like Chantkare has grown much bigger since I left SL last year, and has now a wide range of couture and casual lines of "Funky, fabulous and fierce" designs, from comfy jackets to the most delicate cocktail dresses. I have to confess I was really scared to blog about Applonia designs because her pictures are always very beautiful, like magazine spreads, and I was afraid I couldn't do justice to her designs, but now I have an excuse because SL was missbehaving soo....If you want good pictures check HER BLOG HERE or even better go to the store and check some pieces yourself. You will definitely become Chantkare addict, you have been warned!! 

Outfit 1 Credits:

Hair: Truth  Frankie in strawberry
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Dress: Chantkare Tamai Berry Dress
Socks: League Thermal Long Socks in camel
Shoes: Reek Boston Boots

Outfit 2 Credits:

Hair: Baiastice Sukiu hair attachment
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Porcelain
Dress: Chantkare Lin Dress
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Anita

Outfit 3 Credits:

Hair: Vanity Hair Tiffany's Soil
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Dress: Chantkare Manchu Dress
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Olivia

Poses: BehaviorBody


Nov 24, 2010

RFyre Winter 2010 - Fantasy Ice Gown

RFyre Winter 2010 - Fantasy Ice Gown
"Una imagen vale mas que mil palabras"

Sometimes I wish I had more time to show you all the amazing creations of SL designers, sometimes I also wish I was an amazing photographer to make them true justice and sometimes I even wish my English was perfect so I could really describe how special wearing them makes me feel. Sometimes I just wish ....


Hair: LoQ hairs Caffe Latte - White
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Dress: House of RFyre Fantasy Ice Gown in White
Shoes: House of RFyre Iced White Stiletto Boots

Poses: BehaviorBody

Raven, my friend, you made it again.


Nov 22, 2010

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Goldenrod

52 weeks of Color Challenge (1)

I am going to sit here until I find that damn goldenrod skirt.....

As you can see this week's Color challenge is Godenrod and Luna... that was hard !! I made my best to find goldenrod tone shoes and a goldenrod tone top but that was it, I could never find the skirt that really suited the set, so here I am in lingerie still looking in my inventory for that damn skirt....I know it was around here ...

The picture was taken using this cool photography set made by my friend Antosperandeo Allen from  BehaviorBody animations. The complete set changes textures between 10 different palettes and can hold up to 3 models/friends with different poses for males and females. Thank you Anto, I really love it, you just made my life so much easier !!!

I also have to thank my SL kiddo Diconay Boa for helping me out with the picture. I wasn't quite happy with my result and she was nice enough to  help me and added shadows and details to my picture, which now looks much better. **mwah**


Hair: Baiastice  Siville Hair attachment (new release)

Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Peach

Shirt:  Baiastice Top Soft Silk in gold

Undies: Armidi Aufiori Chambre Sheer Knickers - Dove

Jewelry: Chloe Red Winds earrings and necklace (edited colors)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody PinUp Shoes in Amber


Nov 20, 2010

Evane Models : Ezura Fashion Show

Evane Models presents "Ezura and  AQ face Tattoos" Show

Model Mimmi Boa - Art by Wicca Merlin

Evane is proud to present today the amazing goth, steampunk and fantasy alternative designs by Ezura Xue.

Models for today show will be Mimmi Boa, Naiya Kazyanenko, Ananya Mai, Amazon Silverweb, Katherine Comet, Sequoia Nightfire, Alatiel Malies, Miria Moonbeam and Salvo Waydelich.

Mavi Beck will be our show director and  I will be your host and  DJ for the evening wearing this sexy and detailed design called Pandora.

Ezura - Pandora Lolita

Outfit Credits:

Skin:  Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Hair: Baiastice Fedora Hair
Dress:  Ezura Pandora Lolita Version
Earrings: Alienbear Designs Bloody Queen Rohesia earrings in Dark red.
Choker: SiniStyle Spider Web Choker
Nails: Mandala Sinra nails Ume in red
Shoes: Baiastice Bow ankle boots

Pose: BehaviorBody

Baistice Head to Toe Fashion Show

Costa Rica Sims Head2Toe


Costa Rica Designer Showcase

BAIASTICE by Sissy Pessoa

You know we love you from HEAD 2 TOE and to prove this, we are proud to honor the styles and designs of Sissy Pessoa's Baiastice in this month's Designer showcase!  Constantly surpassing even the top of her game, Baiastice brings us the most spectacular in men's and women's clothing design, hair, skin and shoes!

Nisa Constantine - Miss Costa Rica 2010
Imani Enzo - CRS Productions Top Model of the Year Winner
Jennaa Loire - Miss Virtual World Australia
Brendan Macarthur
Didier Rascon

Saturday November 20th, 12PM SLT

Costa Rica Sims Productions Influential Lounge

CRSP - Baiastice Fashion Show Invitation

BAIASTICE  by Sissy Pessoa

Costa Rica Sims Productions was established in August 2009, and continues to grow each month as it produces high-quality fashion showcases from the best Second Life® designers located within the Costa Rica Sims Commercial District.

For more information please contact:
Tempest Hennesy, Director - Costa Rica Sims Production
Costa Rica Estate Website: :


Nov 14, 2010

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Blue

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Blue

Sadly, I missed last week Luna Jubilee's Color Challenge due to a crazy RL schedule but I will try to keep on with this color challenge posts, not only because I think they are an awesome idea, but also they give me an excuse to revisit some of my old inventory favourite items and show them to you. Hope you like it !!

Hair: Baiastice   Invasion hair attachment (new release)
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Eyes Makeup: L.Fauna Smokey Cat Shadow

Main Outfit: Barerose Scout Lady in Blue (Shirt, pants, skirt, knives and hip's attachments)
Scarf: Massimo! border fringe stole in blue
Earrings: Alienbear Designs Lucifer (group member Halloween gift)
Tattoo: Para Designs - Mayhem Medium (Undershirt)

Nails: [ Love Soul ] Prim nails*Charme*Blue
Gloves: Reek - Cozy Mittens in Blue


Nov 8, 2010

Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Lesley and Casuals II

It has been a crazy week and I didn't have time to finish these pictures until yesterday, instead of being easier, it seems its getting harder for me to take a decent shot in SL, but well I managed to snap some pictures so I am bringing you some more casual pieces I've  mix and matched and another one of the newest releases, ufff. Do you think I will be able to finish for winter colletion? I am taking bets.

Baiastice Fall 2010 - Regal Coat
Hair: Baiastice  Lucrezia hair attachment
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Jacket:  Baiastice  Regal Coat in pink
Pullover: Baiastice Light pull grey 
Skirt:  Baiastice Wool pencil skirt in autumn rose
Earrings: Paper Couture  Pink Tourmaline Chandelier earrings

I am still wondering how did I end up wearing a whole pink look, I don't like pink. I even popped at a Miss Virtual World Academy class and was kidding with Miaa Rebane and her 104 girls about how a stalking guy ran away as soon as I landed. I mean, come on,  a blonde all dressed in pink? nothing good can happen .. and he poofed!!! *giggles* But honestly I totally love this new skirt I just keep adding it to all my new autumn looks, not only with this amazing sculpted jacket adorned with feathers, *blows the feathers*,  but also combined it for example with this also new Laila cotton blouse, with sculpted sleeves. Not only the skirt is available in different colours of course Regal coat and Laila shirt are also made in many different colours and layers for your mix and match pleasure.

Baiastice Fall 2010 - Laila & Wool
Hair: Elikatira Mood in 07 Blonde 
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Shirt:  Baiastice Laila cotton shirt in chocolate
Skirt:  Baiastice Wool pencil skirt iceberg
Jewelry: Baiastice Stone silk earrings and necklace
Shoes:  Baiastice Damasamba shoes in dark tan

I also have one of the ready to wear outfits from Fall collection: Lesley, which was designed in its cian version for the Call for Couture event and is now available for sale in store also in black, brown, pale sienna, red and the purple version I am modelling in the picture. I didn't blog CFC, I know, I am a mess, I know. That's the reason you read feeds and not only my blog *giggles* Oh! and this cute purse I am wearing is also part of the new Baiastice accessories collection and comes in black, red, gold and silver and it is also resizable.

Baiastice Fall 2010 - Lesley Purple
Hair: Analog Dog Bet in black
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Pale
Outfit:  Baiastice Lesley in purple
Boots: Maitreya Bloom Boots in violet
Purse: Baiastice Bow on hand black

And one last piece before I run to practice, this is my favourite shirt from the collection, Allydora, with sculpted collar and sleeves, again available in different colours, combined with this beautiful, stylish and truly realistic silk pencil skirt in brown, perfect for a elegant business look.

Baiastice Fall 2010 -  Allydora and Silk skirt
Hair:Waka & Yuki  model hair12 
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Shirt:  Baiastice Allydora Shirt in cobalt
Skirt:  Baiastice Silk pencil skirt in brown
Shoes: Baiastice Crystal green beryl shoes

If you are wondering what's that beautiful place where I took all my pictures, that is the one and only BOSL Country Club and I just looooove this place. My dear  Patch Thibaud did such and amazing job in this place I just find it so hard to move away, expect lots of pictures from different corners of this amazing place in the upcoming blog posts.

Poses: BehaviorBody
Pictures Location: BOSL Country Club 


Nov 1, 2010

Miss Virtual World Academy November Schedule

Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy

November Schedule for MVW Academy has just been published at BOSL Blog. Check it out for available instructors, dates and times and feel free to IM me if you have any other question.

I would like to remind you November is Graduation Month  (November 19th, 20th and 21st),  this is a great opportunity for both novel and experienced models to go through the whole Academy experience in only 3 weeks.

Sunday, November 7th:

1:00 pm SLT - Modeling 101:  Instructor: Wicca Merlin
2:00 pm SLT - Modeling 104: Instructor Miaa Rebane
 4:00 pm SLT  - Modeling 102: Instructor: Kay Fairey 

Sunday, Nov 14th:

10:00 am SLT - Modeling 103: Instructor: Giela Delpaso (yay it's me !)
12:00 noon SLT - Modeling 102: Instructor: dancer Dallagio
02:00 pm SLT - Modeling 104: Instructor Miaa Rebane
04:00 pm SLT - Modeling 103: Instructor:  Wicca Merlin

Tuesday, Nov 16th:

12:00 noon SLT - Modeling 104: Instructor - Mimmi Boa

Weekend, Nov 19th, 20th & 21st:

04:00 pm SLT Modeling 105 : Graduation - Frolic Mills & Miaa Rebane         

1. Every course must be taken in order: 101, 102, etc.
2. Only those students who pass the final judgment will graduate. If you don't pass this exercise, you must repeat modeling 105 at no charge. The idea is that you become a perfect model, and we will help you no matter how long it takes.
3. Each course is 1-3 hours long depending on number of students.
4. A 10% discount will be given for full payment of all courses at once. (13000L paid total if paid per session, 11700L if paid in full at once before the first session begins)
5. Graduates of other top modeling academies, who are confident about their technical skills, only need to take courses 103 and 104 to become a MVW Academy graduate.
If you wish to become a student at the academy please IM me in-world for an application.

Giela Delpaso
BOSL Executive