Sep 30, 2010

Evane Fall First Show

Evane Fall Show Invite

I would like to invite you all to Evane Models first Fall fashion show, showcasing designs from Aleida, Angel Dessous, DD Designs and Donna Flora.

This busy bee that subscribes will be your host and DJ for the evening since I was invited by my dear friend Mimmi Boa, Miss Virtual World 2009, Evane Model Agency owner who is also producer and director for this season starter show. The beautiful models who will walk this fall forest-inspired runway today are Anna Sapphire, Dahlia Joubert, Emma Portilo, Giada Oh, Leandra Breen, Poptart Lilliehook and Shae Sixpence.

Giela Fall Show

Gorgeous Models, amazing designs, great music and a beautiful setting to kick off the Fall shows season with your Evane friends, are you in?

Outfit Credits:
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach Makeup 1 (+hair)
Hair: Baiastice Eva hair attachment

Shirt: Aoharu RollUp Shirt  Check001
Sweater: Baiastice Fall Pull brown
Pants: Aleida Ale jeans burleywood

Cap: Kurotsubaki Knit Cap brown
Boots: ETD Heather Boots in sand (no longer available)

Poses: BehaviorBody

Sep 29, 2010

Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Mirja

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Mirja

Today I bring you the first of the formal gowns from the recently released Baiastice Fall 2010 collection: "Mirja", a glamorous creation made of silk in 2 different sculpted pieces, one for the top and another one for the big sophisticated skirt that is adorned by a lace and brocade frill. An AO version of the gown, with beautiful poses made by Antosperandeo Allen from BehaviorBody, is included to perfectly match all of your movements. This glamorous dress is also available in four different colors: Gold, Bluette, Lilac and Pearl White.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Mirja Colors

Outfit Credits:

Hair: Bliss Hair - Angelina 
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra skin peach makeup 10
Outfit: Baiastice Mirja Dress
Jewelry: Zaara Nizam earrigns and necklace and Paper Couture Bee Ring

Poses: BehaviorBody

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Mirja Set
Picture Location: Chateau de Versailles Exteriors.


Sep 28, 2010

Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Odile

A new collection by the talented Sissy Pessoa has just been released at Baiastice Main Store - Now is when you can hear the screams of  fashionistas all over the grid running to the store - For those checking feeds at work, school or during you morning coffee, those who can't log in right now and are reading fashion blogs in seek of something to calm the urge to log in and shop shop shop .... I am going to make you feel even more miserable for not being able to run and get each and every single piece of this amazing release !!! Ok that didn't sound quite right, but you know what I mean :)

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Odile

Today I bring you "Odile" in leather, a material that is coming back with all its force into fashion: soft, sexy, romantic and elegant, so timeless and chic that it is soon becoming a winter essential. If we add some contrasting-coloured feathers, colourful pins to give the outfit that hand made feeling and a beautiful cocktail pillbox for the "parisienne" touch, we have yet another couture wonder under the Baiastice name.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Odile Colors

One thing that really made me happy is that during my time away from Second Life, Miss Pessoa started releasing their couture outfits in some different colors. Not that I had any trouble in buying all the blacks before * giggles* but now when she makes them in pink I can purchase a black version instead ... Ha!

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Odile Place
Picture Location: Club IX (website)

Ok I have a meeting to attend, where I can tease others about my beautiful new dress, so I am off for a while but  I got much more coming up, stay tuned.

Outfit Credits:

Hair: Baiastice Magda Hair Attachment
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra skin peach (makeup 11 and 1)
Outfit: Baiastice Odile

Poses: BehaviorBody


Sep 27, 2010

Blogging update

Now that BOSL Fashion Week is over and I have had almost 18 hours of sleep non-stop, I think it's time to get back to work. I didn't have time to finish my Hair Fair 2010 reviews, I have bought quite a few things from TDR and TDR Blue I couldn't blog, I even made an styling over an Emery Jacket and my friend Callie Cline latest jeans and basic T-shirt that I took pictures of but never posted on the blog .. not enough time *cries* Casa del Shai ... Lelutka ... Maitreya and Elika Hair (WTF how can I still buy more hair) .... but it seems all that is old news already.

I am new to blogging and I am still learning. It happens that things go really fast here on the blogosphere, if I don't manage to take the pics and post them fast there is no sense on blogging them anymore, but you know what? I will manage to post the stylings one way or another hahaha, even if I flood you with simple pictures with styling credits, if SL decides to behave and stops playing tricks on me, if shadows start working properly again and if I can change clothes without switching 3 viewers.

Anyway I am here,  I survived BOSL FW and I'll be back tomorrow with more SL Fashion for you all.



Sep 25, 2010

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 - Grand Finale

BOSL Fashion Week - Finale

Click HERE for my BOSL Blog information post. 

Outfit Credits:
Hair: EMO-tions -   Nala in black
Skin: Pulse - Mystere Skin Tone 2 No.27
Outfit: House of RFyre Glam Goth II Willow Red

Poses: BehaviorBody


Sep 24, 2010

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 - Day 7

BOSL Fashion Week - Day 7

Click HERE for my BOSL Blog information post. 

Outfit Credits:
Hair: Bliss Hair -  Queen Hair
Skin: Baiastice - Pulchra peach makeup 10
Outfit: Shiki - Snow Princess
Jewelry: Alienbear Designs - KrisCar II earrings White

Poses: BehaviorBody


Sep 23, 2010

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 - Day 6

BOSL Fashion Week - Day 6

Click HERE for my BOSL Blog information post. 

Outfit Credits:
Hair: W&Y Hair Fair Gift in Black
Skin: Baiastice - Pulchra peach makeup 15
Outfit: Artilleri Poodle Power! 
Accessories: Shiny Things creamblack slouch socks
Shoes: Stiletto Moody PinUp Shoes in Red

Poses: BehaviorBody


Sep 22, 2010

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 - Day 5

BOSL Fashion Week - Day Five

Click HERE for my BOSL Blog information post. 

Outfit Credits:
Hair: ETD Flapper in Black (not available)
Skin: Baiastice - Pulchra peach makeup 23
Outfit: Moxie Polano Black Swan Dress
Jewelry: Muse - Claris Pearl Earrings and Margaux drapped necklace (not available)
ICING  Glam Stole Wraparound Version (recoloured)
Sheer Garter and Stockings
Baiastice Black savage hat (recoloured)Shoes: Stiletto Moody PinUp Badseed

Poses: BehaviorBody


*Why have so many stores I loved closed ? *cries*

Sep 21, 2010

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 - Day 4

BOSL Fashion Week - Day 4 (2)

Click HERE for my BOSL Blog information post. 

Outfit Credits:

Hair: Bliss Hair - Anne Hair - Vanille
Skin: Baiastice - Pulchra peach makeup 22
Outfit: Mea Culpa - Lost in Netherworld

Jewelry: Baiastice - Enigma silver earrings (not on picture)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Olivia in white (not on picture)

Poses: BehaviorBody


Sep 20, 2010

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 - Day 3

BOSL Fashion Week - Day Three

Click HERE for my BOSL Blog information post. 

Outfit Credits:

Hair: Truth Amber - dune
Skin: Baiastice - Pulchra peach makeup 28
Outfit: Alëida Beha Dress 
Jewelry:  Shiny Things - Pieces from Florina , Pyra and and Ruma sets.
Shoes: Alëida Meru Ankleboots
Poses: BehaviorBody


Sep 19, 2010

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 - Day 2

BOSL Fashion Week - Day Two

Click HERE for my BOSL Blog information post. 

Outfit Credits:

Hair: *Bliss Hair* - May Hair - Caviar
Skin: Baiastice - Pulchra peach makeup 28
Outfit: Tres Beau - Monarch
Ring: Paper Couture Diamond and Rose Bouquet
Earrings: Paper Couture Vintage Pearl and Gemstone DropsPoses: BehaviorBody


Sep 18, 2010

BOSL Fashion Week 2010 - Day 1

BOSL Fashion Week - Day One

Click HERE for my BOSL Blog information post.

Outfit Credits:

Hair: *glitter* enbu in black (no longer available)
Skin: Baiastice - Pulchra porcelaine makeup 8
Outfit: Milky House Hanatemari BG
Poses: BehaviorBody


Hair Fair 2010 Favourites - Fiction & Chaos Zene and Aphrodite Fashion Show

Aphrodite Show DJ

This fabulous hair from Fiction and Chaos gave me the perfect excuse to invite you all to EVANE AGENCY Aphrodite Show today at 1:00 PM SLT. "Aphrodite" is an emerging  brand born from the mind of Jenni Eros, an innovative designer who "seeks to rekindle that spark of divine grace and beauty in clothing made to accentuate the female form with classical taste and style mixed with modern flare and pannosh revealing the goddess within all women"

In the poster above I am a wearing the extremely sexy "Lara" black bodysuit , because I am the DJ and I get to choose the fancy stuff but at the show we are also showcasing beautiful evening gowns, fashionable casual and even some delicate and detailed lingerie.

Evane Models Agency presents: Beauty of Aphrodite

I am very happy I was invited to DJ and help darkevilone Demonia, Evane Agency CEO, on this show. I have always enjoyed show production and when you work with talented and professional individuals like those I have met at Evane, it is also lots of fun !!!

Models for today show include Brie Pinazzo, Giuls Scarpulla, Mely Gibbs, Sabine Mortenwold, Shannon Portal, prazillo Lemon and Veronica Krasner, and music will be a mix of deep house and chill-out lounge I am sure you will enjoy.

Evane Agency - Models
 Models: Mely Gibbs, Sabine Mortenwold and Giuls Scarpulla.

I really hope to see you all there !!!

Giela Credits:

Hair: :F@C: Zene (black / pink)
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra peach makeup30

Bodysuit: Aphrodite Lara Black Bodysuit
Boots: Taboo Rome Heels
Belt: Digit Darkes Asaka Belt-Black (ok now WTF Digit is gone? ... can't find her store...cries desperately)
Bangles: *UnTone* leather bracelet
Knife: .:dogma:. "Get Armed"


Sep 14, 2010

Hair Fair 2010 Favourites - Mausoleum Robots

Here I am again with yet another purchase form the recent Hair Fair. This time I bring you something a little more artistic and .... how can I describe it ... maybe... cosmic??? :)

Mausoleum Robots 3

I met all  these tiny little friends at Stringer Mausoleum's Hair Fair tent and asked if they would like to be part of my next fashion experiment. Not only they agreed, they happily followed me home and even accepted to change their colours to fit my "space traveler" outfit.

Mausoleum Robots 2

I have always enjoyed Helena Stringer creations, which often look like coming from out of this world, they are a good alternative for a model who wants to stand out from the rest. And if there is another designer whose creations look like coming from another galaxy, that has to be June Dion's Bare@Rose. You name the party theme, I name 5 of her outfits to go with it :)

Mausoleum Robots 1
Pictures Location: INSILICO Corporate District

Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum RoboBambie - Darknight (For sale at Hair Fair tent)
I recoloured the robots, they came in both Red and Lime in the pack I bought and with different attachment points (thanks Helena for that !!!)
Skin: LionSkins Noir 11
Eyes: Baiastice Black Alien Night (SL Shadows made them look cool!)

Outfit: Bare@Rose  Infiltrator Lady -  Black & Silver mix
Earrings: Ear Candy ~ Woven Pewter Earrings
Lashes: [ glow ] Hollywood lashes - Madame Mirage - Giela (chin)

Poses: BehaviorBody


Sep 13, 2010

Hair Fair 2010 Favourites - Nikita Fride & RFyre's sexy Naomi

No I am not going to talk about Naomi's stunning return at NYCS Fashion Week, no. This post is about House of RFyre latest release "Naomi ", an incredibly sexy outfit with a rocky feeling that made me think of motorcycles, cold beers and dirty road pubs.

Goddess Naomi 3

Here I am wearing RFyre's Naomi  low rise leather pants and the matching studded leather bra, but another set of closed pants, a pair of shorts and a matching corset are included with your purchase along with some sexy lingerie (watch here) To finish the look I chose this matching texture leather jacket from Naima and my favourite Biker boots from Redgrave.

Goddess Naomi 2

I think I forgot about something... oh Hair, I bet you didn't notice this one either hihihih!!  When I tried on this Nikita Fride hair demo I knew I just had to get it! Not only I love the idea of having little cats playing on my head and even hanging from my hair but also the flowy and beautiful texture and details on the hair itself are so beautiful I thought they would be perfect for photography, don't you agree?

Goddess Naomi 1

Skin: Baiastice Pulchra in peach (makeup 8)
Hair: Nikita Goddess Cat - Coffee (currently for sale at Hair Fair 3)

Jacket: Naima LA Jacket black
Top:  RFyre Naomi Womens Black:  Studded Leather Bra
Pants: RFyre Naomi Womens Black: Leather Pants (Low-Rise Open)
Shoes: Redgrave Girls' Biker Boots in black

Tattoo:  RFyre Naomi Womens Black:  Tatoo
Nails: Baiastice Nails fantasy 2 - long

Goddess Naomi 4

Pictures Location: 19 Motorcycle

Sep 12, 2010

Hair Fair 2010 Favourites - Curio & DU4 Modern Gypsy

Hair Fair Favourites - Curio  & Modern Gypsy DU4 (4)

For this second post of the Hair Fair series I have chosen a really fancy hairstyle from Curio called "Bow" which I decided to compliment with Modern Gypsy latest release for DU4 " Baptisa" and go for a Lady Gaga look (I am sure you didn't notice).

"Designers United, held throug Sept. 15, features exclusive and limited edition products from SL designers based around the theme of "Narcissus". Each designer has interpreted this theme for creations based on the colors, textures or feelings evoked by this flower or myth".

Hair Fair Favourites - Curio  & Modern Gypsy DU4 (2)

Micah Kanto, Modern Gypsy designer, has interpreted it in my favourite way: black color, straight lines and  a  low cleavage. If we add  Micah's own and personal touch of high-fashion, amazing creativity and sculpt work what we get is a garment that is a total fashion statement. Gielita couldn't ask for more :) 

Hair Fair Favourites - Curio  & Modern Gypsy DU4 (3)
I have always loved Curio's bangs and textures but the way the bow falls to the sides framing my face is what made me buy it. You can find Curio in Hair Fair 3 Sim, store number 27 in this map the organization provided.

Hair Fair Favourites - Curio  & Modern Gypsy DU4 (1)
                                                                                                 Location: Insilico

Hair: Curio  Bow in white blonde ( for sale at Hair Fair 3)
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach makeup 27

Outfit: Modern Gypsy Baptisa Dresscoat (for sale at DU4)
Shades: Modern Gypsy See no Evil
Shoes: Baiastice Destructural Unkleboots
Jewelry: Chloe  Red Winds Earrings and Necklace
Bangles: .::FabulouS::. Black Sheep Bangle


Sep 11, 2010

Hair Fair 2010 Favourites - Clawtooth RockinRolls

I love Hair Fair but I hate Hair Fair. I love all the new releases, the support to this beautiful non-profit organization (Wigs for Kids), all the expectation until we finally get to see all the creations  ... but I really do hate the lag (come on girl, that's way past prim heavy!!), I hate SL glitches  (I bought same hair twice *sighs*), crashing like 12 times, and I hate that I am definitely broke after this last run :(((

Hair Fair Favourites - Clawtooth 1

This is the first one of a serie of different looks to fit the many hair styles I have recently acquired at Hair Fair. I will try to feature some of my favourite new pretties as long as SL behaves, which is not happening lately *cries* But before we start with the goodies I would like to thank the organization for the huge amount of time and effort they have put into this years fair, it really shows, Thank you Sasy and everyone else !!

Also I would like to thank the designers that took their time to send "demos" and information through the official  groups, OMG that really helped !!!  I made a shopping list before I visited and managed to only buy like 8 that were not on the list hehe, thanks again, you all rock!!

Ok now pics :)   Today I bring you RockinRolls By Clawtooth.

Hair Fair Favourites - Clawtooth 3

To fit the rockabilli look I chose this Artilleri Ulrika top in green that I bought yesterday on 50L$ Friday and this beautiful glasses by the talented Keiko Morigi from &Bean. I don't know if these are still for sale ....I got them loooong time ago hehe but still go visit her store, you will love it.

Hair Fair Favourites - Clawtooth 2

All the pictures were taken in Artilleri Sim. I managed to break into a fully furnished house and used the furniture poses for the shots, I have to thank Antonia Marat for not only allowing visitors to adjust poses included on the furniture but also for having build allowed, you can  bring your own poser and take all the pictures you wish there, and I promise you there are way too many perfect spots to choose from!!!


Hair: Clawtooth RockingRolls Beachy Keen (Hair Fair SLURL)
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Pale - Makeup 21
Eyes: Baiastice_EYES - 3rd serie - Light Sky

Shirt: Artilleri Ulrika Top Green
Pants: Baiastice Cotton Pants High in Blue
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Barbara in Bottle Green

Glasses: &Bean Recession Street Bargain Glasses Myves Faint Moron
Earrings: Creamshop Silent bamboo earring white (Right)
Bangles: Cake Flea Market Bracelet 1

Hair Fair Favourites - Clawtooth 4

Be back soon with more.

Sep 4, 2010

Baiastice Latest Release for TDR Blue

For those of you who have been living under a rock or something The Dressing Room Blue is a discount shop created by fabulous designers such as [ glow ] studio, Emery, Exile, Tee*fy, Veschi, CnS Emotion, BAIASTICE, Kunglers, Urbanity, Mimikri Hot Couture and some others. They feature different items, created exclusively for this small shop,  which are always priced between 40 and 70 L$ only. Their collections are renewed every  week: One week in The Dressing Room (the older sister) and the week after on The Dressing Room BLUE.

Baiastice TDR Green 4

If Baiastice's latest release Satin Pois in blue, was a complete success and flooded the feeds with reviews, interpretations and different stylings last week, I can barely imagine the success this sexy and stylish dress will have this week. So here is my all-Baiastice styling for the sexy and seductive Payton in green. Hope you like it.

Baiastice TDR Green


Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach tone, Makeup 9
Hair: Baiastice Moira Hair attachment 

Dress: Baiastice Payton Dress army green (for sale at TDR BLUE) 
Shoes: Baiastice Damasamba shoes in apple green
Jewelry: Baiastice Ishar Earrings and Ring in Gold

Poses: Behavior Body
Pictures Location: Baiastice Main Store

Baiastice TDR Green 3



Sep 3, 2010

RFyre Retirement Sale

House of RFyre is having a retirement sale until midnight Sunday. Your last chance to grab some of these RFyre classics you may still miss for only 99 L$.

RFyre Retirement Sale 1

My shopping list includes:

RFyre Retirement Sale 4

RFyre Zora (includes both versions) - 99L$

RFyre Retirement Sale 3

RFyre Cake or Death in Crimson - 99L$

RFyre Retirement Sale 2

My all times favourite Fervor ( I was still missing this 2 colors hihi) - 99L$ / each

Hurry up and get these beautiful art pieces while you still can. They will probably be removed from House of Rfyre Main showroom next Sunday.