Mar 8, 2011

KittyCats or The Story of how I became a crazy cat lady

My Second Life has changed greatly during the last month, and no I didn't get married, don't panic. In Spain we have a saying that would translate as " Do not spit up or it will end up falling on your face" ... ok that wasn't nice ... but it is actually about not saying up loud you will never do something because you will end up doing it real bad.

KittyCats Store 2
 KittyCats Store Cat

Since I came back to SL I had profusely rejected doing two things: having a house (not that I did like that before) and breeding pets. I am too lazy to decorate a house, I have always lived in simple skyboxes with many pose-stands and lots of pictures on the walls; and even though I liked those bunnies and horses I found them a waste of money, how can someone have the patience to breed horses in SL? ... There went my spit...

KittyCats Store 1
 KittyCats Store Set "shabby tabbbys"  by Aurora Jacks.

On February I saw a notice at the fashion bloggers group inviting us to the preview of a new breedable pet store opening and well... there I went. Big mistake.... BIG MISTAKE !!! I instantly fell in love with these cute little things, if they were a little bit sweeter I would just die. There I met KittyCats head CSR Kitten Longmeadow who was really patient answering my questions while lots of cute kitties where running, pawing at our feets, sleeping and even chasing butterflies around us. Since I work in quality control IRL customer support is really important to and I have to say I think the KittyCats Team are lucky to have Kitten.

KittyCats - Kitten Longmeadow
Kitten Longmeadow surrounded by cuteness.

The biggest surprise was when my friend caLLie cLine confessed me she was the artist behind this sweeties fur . Uh oh! that means I have someone to scream at if something goes wrong? I'll buy 15, thanks!!  *giggles* Luckily I have to say I have not bothered Callie so far, and the only time I had an issue (don't purchase things when your inventory is still loading boys and girls, SL loves to eat incoming stuff) Kitten suggested me to fill a ticket at their website and it was solved within hours, just another reason I am so happy with my adorable KittyCats !

KittyCats Store 3
KittyCats Store Garden Happy Cat

So I said to myself, well getting a couple won't hurt, I bought a boy and girl pack that only costed 599L$ and comes with food for 1 week and ran to my skybox to open. But while the little boxes were there jumping on the floor making kitty noises waiting for them to be to born I realized my empty white skybox wasn't appropriate enough for baby kitties to be raised, so I had to go out and find a house for them.  As I said before I am too lazy to decorate myself, but there are designers, like Ravyn Hynes from Mudhoney,  that think on lazy people like me and make fully furnished houses, ready to be rezzed with one click of the mouse.

KittyCats - Kitties Home

This beautiful gazebo is  absolutely perfect for me and my kitties. It is full of little details but also had room for all the cute furniture I bought for my adorable new friends. Bizcochito ( little sponge cake) was my first kitty, he is a smokey with meadow curious eyes and his favourite spot is the big lounger, he bathes himself on the cushions and usually sleeps on the big soft blanket.

KittyCats - Bizcochito
Bizcochito sleeping on the lounger.

Magdalena (Cupcake), Bizcochito partner, is a Domino with sunshine curious eyes. She is a true princess and  never sleeps in any other place that her sweet Cottage Cat Basket I found at What Next, she walks over it for minutes long until she decides its perfectly ready for he curves and then takes a cute kitty nap.

KittyCats - Magdalena
Magdalena in her cottage cat basket from What Next.

But this would't be a true crazy cat lady story if I had just stopped at 2 cats right? I didn't, of course I didn't. One week after store opening KittyCats released their Valentines special edition kitties and, of course, I just had to have one. I got a beautiful purple lady with purple heart eyes, I called her Purpurina (Glitter) and again I couldn't just stop there and found her this handsome Diamond fur and Earth eyes partner who's name is Copito (snowflake). They love to play oh their Banesworth Anubis's cat tree, which is also for sale at KittyCats store.

KittyCats - Purpurina y Copito
Purpurina and Copito at their cat tree.

After some sickness issues (they get so cute when they are sick, sleeping covered by a blanket) and some milk purchase the miracle happened. Magdalena and Copito reached 100% love and had their first baby, and OMG I was extremely lucky, I got one of the most rares, she is a beautiful Bengal Sorell with meadow curious eyes and plush tail and she is my cutieeeeeee!

KittyCats - Bengalita
Bengalita , my precioussssss.

Bengalita felt quite lonely because she had no other kitten to play with so I had to go out and find her a little friend to play with. Blue eyed cutie is another domino, because I just love cats with socks, but with precious blue eyes. He has chosen my lovely grooming station from Kitty Cattery as his favourite place to play all the time, I really think he's trying to tell me something and I would tell that paw gel bottle was full yesterday...uhm...

 KittyCats - Blue eyed cutie
Blue eyed cutie wants to be groomed.

So this is it, this is the story of how I became a crazy cat lady with a fully decorated house, right on my face.  I am waiting for the next kitten from Magdalena and Bizcochito to get out of the box asI write this so I'm sure you will have news from me soon, and more kitty pictures, of course.

Talk to you soon.

The crazy cat lady!

KittyCats Crazy Cat Lady


Blue Brooming Station from Kitty Cattery by Alia Whitfield and Sookie Slafford.
Kitty Cattery is another place full of lovely accessories to pamper your kittycats a little more, they have beds, cat tress, mice toys and even litter boxes. They have a gift basket with lots of cute items for your kitties so if you are either a kittie lover or you are planning to adopt one make sure you visit their store.

Magdalena cottage basket from What Next by Winter Thorn.
This lovely cottage basket comes with many different cushion textures that you can change and a hanging fashion feline photo frame. I am happy one of my favourite furniture designers is making kitty stuff too. I hope she surprises us with more kitty stuff soon!

Gazebo and furniture from Mudhoney by Ravyn Haynes.
Seriously, I just love this building: modify, copy, fully furnished, one click rezz and its so beautiful!!!

Cat tree, food, milk and kitties from KittyCats main store. 
Make sure you visit even if you don't want kitties, the building is fabulous and the sim is simply stunning, great place to take picture.s

My skin, as usual, is Marina and the outfit is the Bexley suit, both from  Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa. The lovely blonde hair is one of the new releases from LeLutka, Thora got me even more broke than the kitties, and that's saying a lot!!



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Giela Delpaso said...

hahaha thank you so very much :)

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They are adorable!

Giela Delpaso said...

I can only agree! I just staring at them all day LOL

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Laura18 Streeter said...

aw I guess I found another crazy cat lady :P Mine don't breed but I have 6... only because Snowflake isn't born yet