May 27, 2013

I'm Back

1.- Baiastice Daphne

I've been trying to write a blog post since I returned to SL but honestly  I had nothing to say. Now that I've been around for over a month ... still have nothing to say.... sighs ... but I really want to get back to blogging and I need to start somewhere so I'll make a quick resume of what I've done lately, maybe that will help me get slowly on track .

Slow, that may be "the word", I am taking things slow now, I'm calm, I'm relaxed and I returned to enjoy my SL. What I've enjoyed the most since I joined SL back in 2007 is probably DJing, that's how I met my first friends, some of them are luckily still part of my life like Frolic Mills (my first real SL friend), Hector Milner or Elmiguel Ricardo. It's funny to me how people I've shared tons of hours working as a model don't even say Hi! anymore (probably because I'm not famous enough anymore lol), but people I just partied with 5 years ago  were the first to open an IM and say OMG its been a long time!! And it was 3 guys, makes you wonder *giggles*.

Vanity Hair
2.- New Giela 2013

But they are not the only ones, I was happy to see long time friends again, specially my dear Sissy Pessoa from Baiastice, my lovely Summer Deadlight, the most awesome Umberto Giano, the one and only always amazing Callie Cline, the incredibly talented Leah McCullough, the always perfect Mimmi Boa, the lovely and crazy Misha Flanagan, my almost-neighbour (or at least the ones that lives closer to me ) Tabata Jewell and my inspiration as a stylist Miaa Rebane among others. I finally made a Facebook account for Giela which helped me get on track with  lots of old friends, beautiful models and gifted in their own fields like Syra Hyun, Angels Milena, Anna Sapphire, Caoimhe Lionheart, Alianna Logan, Estela Serenity, Carilynn OHare, Algezares Magic ... girls you are too many to list, please forgive me if I forget any of you ... I just wanted to thank you all for the warm welcome, I feel soooooo blessed to have you all, Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

I'm Back
3.- I'm Back!

I was delighted to see how SL has improved in a lot of different ways, specially regarding Mesh. The first thing I got on my first day on SL was one of those standard shapes pack, a new improved skin and a beautiful mesh dress (thanks to my lovely Sissy). There was a sale going on at Truth (thats what I call great timing !) so I got a few (too many) new mesh hairs aswel. I was fighting playing with my shape for about 10 hours before I screamed and finally decided to take my first picture. Here I really need to thank Strawberry Singh for all the amazing tutorials on her website....I didn't remember how to use Photoshop .. at all.. and her tutorials really encouraged me to take some shots again, withouth her page I'd still be working on the first pic *giggles*

4.- Baiastice Tahel minidress.

Of course I love mesh, specially regarding short dresses and skirts, no more flat bootie shapes for pencil skirts, no more prims going up your hooha (Summz I steal that one from you), I can't be happier. And like I already said  I've also started to work as a DJ, on  the very first weeks in some small clubs but when I felt I was ready I decided to apply to a beautiful club full of amazing people called Sweethearts. It's a beautiful romantic ballroom, with nice slow paced music, classy hosts and smart dressed people wearing suits and gowns. OMG Gowns!!! So I need a mesh gown now too....  and I quickly found one. The most amazing couple on SL are Giz Seorn and Auster Elan. period. I met them at what I think it was close to their start in SL and they have come to be one of the biggest brands on the grid, and they still only have warm hearts and kind words for me everytime we meet. I decided to visit GizzA and get an amazing gown I had seen on the feeds with leopard print but once I was there I found a perfect flowery version, that would fit the Sweethearts atmosphere better and also my style. I DJ at Sweethearts every weekday (if I don't have to work RL) from 2:00 to 4:00 am SLT. If you are online it will be great to see you there :) I will be more than happy to dedicate you a song, or two !

5.- GizzA Gilda

... And thanks God I had nothing to say ... or I'd have written a whole book  ... If you read everything until here, you are amazing and I love you !!

And now... Credits!!