Oct 30, 2010

Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Corima and Casuals

Sissy Pessoa has just released the sencond part of her Fall Collection and she didn't even wait for me to finish bogging the first part... OMG this woman !! *giggles* In order to catch up I'm reviewing more than one outfit per blog post, that way I may be done for Spring collection LOL.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Corima

First of all this is "Corima", a glamorous and trendy dress made on silk and velvet, completed by a beautiful straw hat. Corima is available in black and other 3 combination of colors: Auburn and magenta, deep blue and cian,  and the olive and orange I am wearing on the picture above.

Hair: Elikatira  Vivid in Red  (Yay Elika is back!!)
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach 
Outfit: Baiastice Corima in olive and orange
Shoes: Baiastice Damasamba in gold

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Casuals 1

Next is a combination of two of the separates pieces available for mix and match. I chose this soft and warm "Mary" Pullover in magenta (also available in blue cobalt, chocolate, turquoise, charcoal, camel and pearly white ) and this comfortable and chic "Tweed" skirt in moss green (also available in brown, silver, magenta and black). I looooove this skirt and I so want one RL now !!!!

Hair: Maitreya Uma in scandinavian blond
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach
Pullover: Baiastice Mary Fall pull in magenta
Skirt: Baiastice Tweed sculpted skirt in green
Stockings: Doux Petit Dahl - Crochet Tights Grape

Shoes: Baiastice fabric and lace ankle boots in forest green

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Casuals 2

And last, but not least by any means, another combination of one of the recently released skirts, this time made in "Suede", also available in another version with small pockets on the sides, sold on this beige/bronze colors and also on magenta, black and spring green. The perfectly sculpted tweed jacket  is called "Ayane" and is also available in black, midnight blue, brown and magenta.

Hair: 0 Style  Dana in chestnut
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Jacket:  Baiastice Ayane tweed jacket in brown
Skirt:  Baiastice Suede sculpted skirt in light brown
Stockings: Maitreya toeless slouch in brown
Shoes:  Baiastice Camilla shoes in gold sable

Are you ready to mix & match with Baiastice this autumn?

Poses: BehaviorBody
Pictures Location: South Farthing

Oct 22, 2010

Evane Innuendo & Glamour Style Show

Evane - Innuendo and Glamour Style Invite

Evane is proud to present today an absolute preview of the Fall collections of  two amazing women and designers: Christy Hamer of "Glamour Style" and Ciccia Bergamasco of "Innuendo", and I would like to invite you all to join us.

Models for today show will be Mimmi Boa,  Salvo Waydelich, Andrew Laguna, Giselle temple, Arialee Miles, Dagda Burner, Katina Magic and Payton Heron. Mavi Beck will be our director for this beautiful show and I will be your sweet spokesmodel and sexy DJ for the evening.

Are you going to miss it? Nahhhhhh

Grab your Limo to Glamour Style Main Store where we will be showcasing all these brand new designs.


Oct 17, 2010

Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Macaria

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Macaria

I am feeling like a princess today, yes I said princess and if you come and call me queen of something I promise to rip your face off with my recently purchased CCD long prim nails !!! You have been warned. Anyway, I am feeling like a princess and to fit this mood today I bring you "Macaria", a deliciously beautiful gown made in silk and chiffon that combines a sexy cleavage with a big sculpted skirt attached to your body by a wonderful ribbon. Just like all of  Baiastice  Fall 2010 collection gowns, there is a version of the skirt with an AO included in your purchase to ensure your movements fit the dress perfectly. Macaria is available in Sapphire Blue, Rose Pink, Gold and Beige.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Macaria Colours

Would you like to feel fabulous today too?

Main Picture Outfit Credits:

Skin:  Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Hair: BooN Tom 14 Hair
Dress:  Baiastice  Macaria
Earrings: Zaara Suvarna kundan earings
Necklace: Paper Couture Shell Statement Necklace

Poses: BehaviorBody
Picture Location: Dread

Oct 16, 2010

BOSL Halloween Hunt

OMGOMGOMG  Halloween is here with all the pumpkins, spiders, zombies, bitches, witches, brooms, did I say pumpkins? Ok, whatever. That's a lot of shopping and I am running low already, they didn't give me time to recover from hair fair and jewelry fair is here already, meanwhile all designers have released their beautiful Fall collections and  ...honestly I am almost broke!!!.

Fear no more !! BOSL is running an awesome Halloween Hunt from October 17th to 31st that takes place throughout the 4 whole BOSL shopping sims:Couture  Boulevard, Casablanca Boulevard, The Renaissance Galleria and Casablanca Hotel.

BOSL Halloween Hunt 2010

Designers list include: AlaFolie, Angel Dessous,  ArtHand, Artistry  by ~ E, BeScene Poses, Bliss Couture, CCD Jewelry, Clio -pret a porter, Fashion and Trends, Haute, House of RFyre, Interazzo, JCNY,  Jolie Creations, Kastle Rock Couture, Look@me Poses, MEB Fashion, Paty Design,Prism, SF Design,Tres Beau ... and many more!!

Participating shops will have a Halloween Hunt logo outside store and we can purchase each pumpkin for only 50L$, so it's time to harvest pumpkins !!

See you all there!! pumpkins!!


Oct 15, 2010

Gizza ... Gizza !!!!

GizzA 1

Check out my  GizzA Creations Review on BOSL Blog.

Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Pale
Hair: Truth Leighton
Outftit: GizzA Magnetic in Black
Earrings: Bandit Jewelry Diamond Circle Earrings


Oct 12, 2010

Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Nikki

25ยบ C in Tenerife at the moment I write this. I am not in the mood for long sleeves, cozy sweaters or high boots. It's time to blog "Nikki", a sexy and chic outfit that perfectly fits this weather.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Nikki Colors

Made on synthetic fibres, this modern short dress strongest point are it's beautiful contrasting stockings on vivid colors. They will protect me from the cold breeze, that often blows here at dusk, while making me look fabulous. And if one of these unexpected summer storms strikes, it has a hoodie included to protect me from the rain. Simply perfect.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Nikki

Outfit Credits:
Combination of Baiastice Skins, Hair attachments, jewelry and shoes.
Furniture also from Baiastice latest release.
Poses by BehaviorBody


Oct 10, 2010

Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Caley

While I continue my review of Baiastice Fall 2010 collection, I will also join this week's Alysha blogger challenge which is no other than Formality.

So I would like to formally introduce you 'Caley' an elegant and stylish long dress made on soft rayon textile,  adorned by multiple velvet feathers on hips and shoulders (yay feathers!) and a detailed butterfly belt, awwww! ... who doesn't love butterflies?

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Caley

Oh, wait...you don't like butterflies? Don't worry, like in most latest Baiastice designs different options are included on your purchase, on this particular gown you will find a non belted option for those of you who prefer simplicity. Available colours are Forest Green, Carmine, Blue, Vanilla, Salmon and Black.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Caley Colours

Outfit Credits:

Hair 1:  Bliss Couture  Monica Hair      Hair 2: Baiastice Melita Hair Attachment
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra peach
Dress: Baiastice Caley with plumes
Jewelry: Alienbear Designs Frideswide

Poses: BehaviorBody


Oct 7, 2010

Evane Fall Second Show

Evane Fall Fashion Show II

Evane Models invites you to the second  Fall Preview Show.  

Bringing you, our loyal and  beloved fashionista fans, the most interesting new creations of some sensational designers for the upcoming season!  This is going to be  a fabulous fashion moment among friends, fashionistas and models.  In the  multi-brand show you will admire the  new creations of AnaLee Balut of  Alb Dream Fashion, Barbarella Cioc from B! Fashion, Anubis Hartunian from Anubis Style and Kimmera Madison and Nave Fall from Tres beau.

Ill be your host and DJ so get ready for some hot tunes.

Today Thursday October 7th at 1:00 pm SLT  at Evane Models Agency main stage.

See you there!!


Oct 5, 2010

Runway Kidz

City Navy 3

Blog and outfit credits HERE

Runway Kidz is a group of SL models, both new and experienced, recruited by my dear friend Summer Deadlight, since 2008 when she teamed up with some of the contestants of "12 avatars calendar" and "Miss SL Tropics", the first relevant model contests held in Second Life.  The group was created to have a place where we can work together to support one another with encouragement, be a part of a team of those who can understand what its like to walk runways, print/store ads, and other fashion events, and to distribute information concerning contests, competitions, agency casting calls, events, parties and any other situations that a model may be needed.

But most importantly RK is the place to celebrate our achievements, cry for help when we are desperate and find a helping hand or shoulder to cry on when we have failed.

Thank you Summer for letting me be part of it.  Love you all RKers.


Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Burana

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Burana

I have been busy busy busy with Miss Virtual World Academy and didn't have time to continue with my review of Baiastice collection this weekend, but in compensation I bring you today one of the most beautiful gowns ever created by Sissy Pessoa. "Burana" is a delicate piece made on satin and chiffon with an underwater inspiration in details such as the seashells and the head piece. Oh surprise!! I am not wearing black, well that's just because this time, for obvious reasons, this creation is not available on black but on this sweet sky blue, on a fancy deep pink and also on an elegant toasted beige.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Burana Colors

Outfit Credits:

Hair 1:  Dernier Cri  - Zero Gravity   
Hair 2: Baiastice Isis Hair Attachment
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra skin peach (makeup 1)
Outfit: Baiastice Burana

Poses: BehaviorBody


Oct 2, 2010

Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Ivonne

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Ivonne

Back with another unique piece from the Baiastice Fall 2010 recently released Collection. Today I bring you "Ivonne", another leather piece, with beautiful sculpted details and probably my favourite from this collection. Sissy Pessoa, Baiastice designer, included fancy leggings to wear under the pencil skirt, but I have beauty legs I have to show off, you can see me wearing them in the store poster. I chose to showcase its black version on the main picture, again me and my obsession with black sorry can't help it, but Ivonne is also available in another 3 fall inspired beautiful colours: petrol blue, chocolate and bottle green.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Ivonne Colors

I was invited by my dear friend Summer Deadlight to the opening party of The New SL House & Garden sim, where you can find almost everything for your Home decoration needs: furniture, gardening, texturing and much more. I really encourage you to visit, not only for the amazing selection of designers they have gathered there, but also for the beautiful it is, I manged to stop dancing for a while to take a picture at one of the gardens there. Promise I didn't hurt any flower !!

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Ivonne Location

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach with hairbases
1st Hair: Baiastice Eva Hair attachment     2nd hair: Baiastice Ingrid Hair attachment

Outfit: Baiastice Ivonne in leather

1st picture Shoes: Baiastice PlatBijou red      3rd picture shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Barbara in Badseed

Poses: BehaviorBody  - The pose on the first picture belongs to the new back poses collection, check it out!!!