Oct 30, 2010

Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Corima and Casuals

Sissy Pessoa has just released the sencond part of her Fall Collection and she didn't even wait for me to finish bogging the first part... OMG this woman !! *giggles* In order to catch up I'm reviewing more than one outfit per blog post, that way I may be done for Spring collection LOL.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Corima

First of all this is "Corima", a glamorous and trendy dress made on silk and velvet, completed by a beautiful straw hat. Corima is available in black and other 3 combination of colors: Auburn and magenta, deep blue and cian,  and the olive and orange I am wearing on the picture above.

Hair: Elikatira  Vivid in Red  (Yay Elika is back!!)
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach 
Outfit: Baiastice Corima in olive and orange
Shoes: Baiastice Damasamba in gold

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Casuals 1

Next is a combination of two of the separates pieces available for mix and match. I chose this soft and warm "Mary" Pullover in magenta (also available in blue cobalt, chocolate, turquoise, charcoal, camel and pearly white ) and this comfortable and chic "Tweed" skirt in moss green (also available in brown, silver, magenta and black). I looooove this skirt and I so want one RL now !!!!

Hair: Maitreya Uma in scandinavian blond
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach
Pullover: Baiastice Mary Fall pull in magenta
Skirt: Baiastice Tweed sculpted skirt in green
Stockings: Doux Petit Dahl - Crochet Tights Grape

Shoes: Baiastice fabric and lace ankle boots in forest green

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Casuals 2

And last, but not least by any means, another combination of one of the recently released skirts, this time made in "Suede", also available in another version with small pockets on the sides, sold on this beige/bronze colors and also on magenta, black and spring green. The perfectly sculpted tweed jacket  is called "Ayane" and is also available in black, midnight blue, brown and magenta.

Hair: 0 Style  Dana in chestnut
Skin: Baiastice  Pulchra Peach
Jacket:  Baiastice Ayane tweed jacket in brown
Skirt:  Baiastice Suede sculpted skirt in light brown
Stockings: Maitreya toeless slouch in brown
Shoes:  Baiastice Camilla shoes in gold sable

Are you ready to mix & match with Baiastice this autumn?

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Pictures Location: South Farthing

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