Oct 2, 2010

Baiastice Fall 2010 Collection Review - Ivonne

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Ivonne

Back with another unique piece from the Baiastice Fall 2010 recently released Collection. Today I bring you "Ivonne", another leather piece, with beautiful sculpted details and probably my favourite from this collection. Sissy Pessoa, Baiastice designer, included fancy leggings to wear under the pencil skirt, but I have beauty legs I have to show off, you can see me wearing them in the store poster. I chose to showcase its black version on the main picture, again me and my obsession with black sorry can't help it, but Ivonne is also available in another 3 fall inspired beautiful colours: petrol blue, chocolate and bottle green.

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Ivonne Colors

I was invited by my dear friend Summer Deadlight to the opening party of The New SL House & Garden sim, where you can find almost everything for your Home decoration needs: furniture, gardening, texturing and much more. I really encourage you to visit, not only for the amazing selection of designers they have gathered there, but also for the beautiful it is, I manged to stop dancing for a while to take a picture at one of the gardens there. Promise I didn't hurt any flower !!

Baiastice - Fall 2010 - Ivonne Location

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach with hairbases
1st Hair: Baiastice Eva Hair attachment     2nd hair: Baiastice Ingrid Hair attachment

Outfit: Baiastice Ivonne in leather

1st picture Shoes: Baiastice PlatBijou red      3rd picture shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Barbara in Badseed

Poses: BehaviorBody  - The pose on the first picture belongs to the new back poses collection, check it out!!!


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