Aug 31, 2010

Modelling 2007, the good ol' times.

Alysha Rennahan has started a Plurky Blogger Challenge and this first week the theme is "Oldies but Goodies". I didn't have any fresh idea for a blog post and before going out and spending even more money on new releases I thought it was an awesome idea to get to use old items for a change. So thank you Alysha for saving me a few more thousends L$ and for giving me a reason to blog  :)

2007 Fashion - Old style

What makes it even more fun is that while I was putting the look together, my friend Dancer Dallagio came into the room and, after calling me noob, got interested in what I was doing. With all my sweet talk I convinced her to model with me for this one YAY!! So today I bring to you "Modelling 2007, the good ol' times"

2007 Dancer Dallagio

Dancer is wearing Nicky Ree Swan Dress in white, MMS Skin, Calico Hair, Muse Jewelry and Armidi Shoes.
I am wearing Nicky Ree Swan dress in black, MMS skin, ETD hair, JCNY Jewelry and Shiny Things shoes.

2007 Giela Delpaso

Everything we are wearing except the shapes was acquired back in 2007, even the poses we used for the shots are  the good old Maitreya Poses.

It may seem odd for some people but all this things bring me so many good memories:

My first MMS skins (from Lelutka's Minnu Palen), I saved a lot to get a model skin but it surely paid off, I got into MAD Agency and won Baiastice face with this skin....

JCNY jewelry and all these picture I submitted for those damned contests, I spammed that poor lady with more than 200 pictures of me, I'm telling you. No wonder how I didn't get even preselected once

ETD hair ....  Elika rocked my world and I was so sad to hear she had left when I came back last week .... I'll miss you. Hope the rumors that say you are working in a new project are true.......

Shiny Things shoes, omg shoes !!! I was so addicted to this store...and the jewelry OMG!!! I also had almost every pair of Armidi's .... omg prim shoes !!!

Even the lashes I am wearing are 2007 Celestial Studio lashes and the Eyes are the old FNKY eyes that came with veins options,

Good ol' days when all models were friends and everyone was willing to help each other. Good ol' days that I hope some day will return. /me sheds a tear.

2007 Fashion Models

P.S. Thank you very much my lovely Dancer for modeling this with me , I know my pictures are terrible but I didn't have anything to ruin on this look LMAO. Love you babe!!!

Aug 28, 2010

Tribute to Abby Sciuto

Tribute to Abby Sciuto 1

I love sales: brand sales, season sales, closing sales...ok maybe not these... but I love all other sales, and specially hair sales!! They give me the excuse I needed to buy that hair that I know I will only wear twice in my Secondlifetime (and one is the day that I buy it) and don't feel so bad about it.

More pictures and credits after the cut.

Aug 26, 2010

Spanish Dancer

Vanity Hair - Sayonara - Spanish Dancer 1

When I saw the notice about Vanity Hair newest release I just couldn't help it and had to run to the store and make my own interpretation of it. Today I bring you my spanish dancer.

Vanity Hair - Sayonara - Spanish Dancer 2

The dress I am wearing is a design from Nardya Rousselot from Nardcotix . It was created for the beautiful and talented Miss Spain 2009 Isis Seville for the Miss Virtual World contest, and I absolutely adore it. For the earrings I chose this Paper Couture Art Deco earrings and my old but beloved PinUp shoes, quite similar to spanish dancers shoes.

Vanity Hair - Sayonara - Spanish Dancer 3

From japanese to spanish in just a few minutes.


Skin: Baiastice - Pulchra tan makeup 23
Hair: Vanity Hair - Sayonara Baby Black

Dress: Nardcotix - Isis Andaluz dress (not available in store)
Earrings: Paper Couture Art Deco Earrings (xstreetsl link not available in store)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Pinup shoes in read (Factory Outlet)

Poses: BehaviorBody

This is a video from one of my favourist pianists, Manolo Carrasco, hope you like it.

Aug 24, 2010

Giela 2010


It's been hard but I have finally managed to look a bit less 2009 *giggles*.

After spending two days sorting inventory out and learning to deal with SL again (sighs) I decided to go for some shopping and as soon as I could "borrow" my husband credit card I ran to Baiastice to get me some new skins and a new dress.