Dec 27, 2013

Figure Ice Skating Star

Figure Skating Star 1

I think that one of the few things we all agree about Second Life is the chance to be or do things you would never be able to do in your Real Life. I am pretty sure I am a Ice Skating superstar in a parallel universe, but I've only had the chance to step on an ice rink 4 times in my whole life, and of course it was one of the most amazing experiences in my  life.

I would love to live in one of these countries with snowy winters and open to public Ice rinks, so I could practice all day long doing all kinds of spins, turns and spirals until my nose tip was frozen and my cheeks would hurt and look red as a reindeer nose.

Figure Skating Star 2

But I am not complaining, I went to the beach two days ago, I am sure many of you are already tired of the cold weather and would love to be at my island at the moment and I am lucky to have SL for all my ice skating endeavours. As a plus, here my bottom doesn't hurt at the end of the day because of all the times I failed miserably trying to do that stupid back flip. Oh The wonders of Second Life!!

Figure Skating Star 3


Hair: "D!va" Daisy - Moon stone (by Marisa Kira) * available at The Arcade * 
Skin: GlamAffair Gemma Europa 06 (by Aida Ewing)  * available at The Arcade * Makeup: Alge’s  Custom Daily Giela (by Algezares Magic)
Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Blue (by Ikon Innovia)
Lashes: Mon Cheri "Falsies" Eyelash (by Freya Olivieri)

Slink Mesh Hands Relaxed and Elegant  (by Siddean Munro)
Nails: Nailed It MVW Autumn Set (by Giela Delpaso)

Top: Baiastice Lari halterneck top ghost (by Sissy Pessoa)
Skirt: Baiastice Tulle skirt pearl (by Sissy Pessoa)
Skates: The Secret Store Ice Skates - Ice Leaf (by Maylee Oh)  * available at The Arcade * 

Pictures Location: Calas Galadhon's Christmas Pavilion


Dec 20, 2013

LOTD 20.12

LOTD  20-12

Available at The Arcade December round:

LeeZu Cover Poster from Billboard Poster gatcha by Leezu Baxter.

Baiastice Freedom, Dragon and Faith from BJD Collection by Sissy Pessoa.
ISON HOME fatty piggy from little fatties gatcha by Harry Hyx. 
Pure Poison  Star guitar from the Stars Collection   by Shaleene Kenin.

Non Arcade:

Apple Fall Cinema Sideboard - Times Square by Apple Fall  *group gift*

LOTD  20-12 closeup

Hair: Clawtooth cozy cutie - Girl next door (by Bubbles Clawtooth) *available @ Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Blue (by Ikon Innovia)
Lashes: Mon Cheri "Falsies" Eyelash (by Freya Olivieri)
Skin: Glam Affair Mokatana skin 08 (by Aida Ewing) *available @ Collabor88*

Makeup: Alge's  Designs custom combo - giela (by Algezares Magic)

Slink Mesh Hands Relaxed (by Siddean Munro)
Glam Affair Skin Appliers for Slink avatar enhancements (by Aida Ewing)

Nails: Nailed It KittyCats Fur Set - Abissinian (by Giela Delpaso)

Sweater: Baiastice Zoe high neck sweater black (by Sissy Pessoa) *available @ Collabor88*
Skirt and leggings: Baiastice Zoe Combination mustard w/ silver belt (by Sissy Pessoa) *available @ Collabor88*
Vest: ISON raw hide vest brown (by Harry Hyx) *available @ Collabor88*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Arial lost angel necklace (by Maxi Gossammer)
Ring: Pure Poison  dangling star ring (by Shaleene Kenin) * available at The Arcade * 
Bracelet: Pure Poison  star cuffs  (by Shaleene Kenin) * available at The Arcade * 
Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boots - Gold - XS (by Gospel Voom)

Poses from {Imeka~} by Nati Williams

Dec 15, 2013

My Polar Getaway

My Polar Getaway - Polaroid

Living in the Canary Islands the only way to have "White Christmas" for me is to ride my car to the top of our volcano and hope for snow to fall that day. That is the reason I enjoy so much all of SL's snowy sims, all your snowy pictures and all of the wintery decor available. From fireplaces, which are pretty stupid to have where I live, to snowy tress outside, every teleport is an adventure for me at this time of the year.

My polar getaway - Interior

But thanks to "The Arcade" and specially to Winter Thorn from What Next, I have my very own Tropical Polar Getaway this year, where I can finally feel cold, wear cozy clothes and feed the penguins. Penguins???? Did I say penguins? omg omg omg *screams around excited*.

Penguins are my second favorite animal right after cats, I think this is the reason I chose to have lovebirds at home too. When I was I child I always told my mother they were penguins that finally learned to fly, and you may laugh at the naive 9yo Giela but if you ever see how my lovebirds walk and play with me, you will relate to her.

My polar getaway - Penguins

Well, Aime Takaaki from *MishMish*  made my wish come true this year, I finally have my very own Penguin family. Well, to be honest I must say they are not really mine; they just hang out at my place because I feed them every day, I buy them toys and I even allow them to enter my igloo from time to time. In exchange they help me with Xmas decorations, since you already know I am terrible at this, and I must tell you, if you have never slept with the penguins, this is something you must do at least once in your SecondLife. 

My polar getaway - Resting


My Polar Getaway - Polaroid

Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Blue (by Ikon Innovia)
Lashes: Mon Cheri "Falsies" Eyelash (by Freya Olivieri)
Skin: Glam Affair Gemma Europa 01 from The Arcade Gemma Skin (by Aida Ewing)
Hair: Baiastice Kiki hair Chocolate (by Sissy Pessoa)

Hat & Gloves: 8f8 Octopus Red Hat and mittens from The Arcade Cozy Woolers  (by iBi)
Coat: Curio Obscura Fluffy Fur Jacket Brown from The Arcade Fluffy Jackets (by Pandora Wrigglesworth)
Trousers: Baiastice Gareth trousers Azure(by Sissy Pessoa)
Shoes:  MIEL Snow Shoes (by Mika  Nieuport ) *vintage*

Pose from Manifeste by July Raymaker

Igloo: {what next} Polar Bears Igloo from The Arcade Igloo (by FrankLee Anatra & Winter Thorn)

My polar getaway - Penguins

Igloos: {what next} Igloos from The Arcade Igloo (by FrankLee Anatra & Winter Thorn)
Penguins: *MishMish* Ice Pond, Penguins and Fish Cube from The Arcade  Penguin Gacha (by Aime Takaaki)

Pose from Manifeste by July Raymaker
My polar getaway - Resting

Hair: Baiastice Tami black Christmas Ice hair from The Arcade Tami Hair (by Sissy Pessoa)
Skin: The Skinnery Maya 13 honey from The Arcade Maya  (by Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Blue (by Ikon Innovia)
Lashes: Mon Cheri "Falsies" Eyelash (by Freya Olivieri)

Jacket: Elate Willow Coat Solid Camel from The Arcade Willow Coats (by Kellie Iwish)
Sweater: Tee*fy Turtle Neck Basic Sweater (by Azure Electricteeth)
Trousers: Baiastice Gareth trousers Azure(by Sissy Pessoa)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Truth Owl Chocolate from The Arcade  Truth Owls Gacha (by Maxi Gossamer)
Ring: ASO Vintage Alphabet Ring G from The Arcade Collection name (by Mnieelee Gelles)
Leg Pouch: Death Row Designs Merry Musthaves from The Arcade  Jolly Ol’ Pouches(by Jaimy Hancroft)
Nails: Nailed It KittyCats Advent Set – Reindeer for Slink Hands *available GIFT at KittyCats*


BoOgErS Rudolph Bear from Boogers Bears (by Zen Zarco)
Sway's [Cuddle] heart from Hot Water Bottle Gacha (by Sway Dench)
oOo Studio Cuddle Pillow from OoO Studio Pillows (by Olaenka Chesnokov)
Vespertine Garland Ornaments from Christmas Thrift Fair (by Aamelie Knelstrom)

Pose by oOo Studio Included in Cuddle Pillow.

My polar getaway - Interior Details

Items from The Arcade:

[Commoner] Monogram Stocking / A from Monogram Stockings (by Emery Milneaux)
BoOgErS Angel Bear from Boogers Bears (by Zen Zarco)
Zigana  Hug a mug Toast & Holiday spirit books from Holiday Spirit (by Nalena Fairey)
Standby Inc ATR (Mono)from Analog Taper Recorder Gatcha (by StandbyInc)
DIGS  Geary Dresser - Arrow from Geary Dressers (by Iris Maskelyne)
*MishMish* Ready for Christmas from  Penguin Gacha (by Aime Takaaki)
Olive  Fancy Chandelier from Forget me not bedroom (by Naminaeko)
Zigana Desk from Holiday Spirit (by Nalena Fairey)
Zigana Owl Candy from Holiday Spirit (by Nalena Fairey)
[Commoner]Hollow Cushioned Stool from Café Collection (by Emery Milneaux)

Non Arcade Decor

PILOT  Fur Rug (by Kaz Nayar) * currently available at Collabor88 *
PILOT Animated Pillows 3 (by Kaz Nayar) * currently available at Collabor88 *
Floorplan Sleigh bed  rustic (by Tegan Serin) * currently available at Collabor88 *
PILOT  Winter Coat Rack (by Kaz Nayar)

Dec 12, 2013

KittyCats Advent Calendar GIFT from Nailed It!!!

I am proud to aprticipate in this year's KittyCtas Advent Calendar !! Are you wondering how it works? You only need to go to KittyCats main Store or the new themed KittyCats Winter Wonderland sims and click on the calendar to get your gift.

Best thing is they'll stay during the whole December month, so if you are late you can still grab many of the amazing gifts designers from all over the grid have provided for the KittyCats community.

Nailed It - KittyCats GIFT

I wanted to make a set of nails with kitties in them but then I realized the great success my previous animal fur set had on the customers and decided to make a special KittyCats Fur set so you can match your nail color with your favourite KittyCat.

Nailed it Vendor - KittyCats Fur Set

At some point I thought that since this is an Advent Calendar I should've made a Christmas themed nail set instead and started working on it. When they both were finished I couldn't just decide which one to choose as gift for the KittyCats community and opted for adding both :)

Nailed it Vendor - KittyCats Advent Set

I would like to thank all the KittyCats staff and particularly my friend Callie Cline for allowing me to be part of this amazing event. I truly think the KittyCats community is absolutely amazing and I love their group chat, so this is my gift in return for everything you all make to make my Second Life better.

Hope you like it !!