Dec 12, 2013

KittyCats Advent Calendar GIFT from Nailed It!!!

I am proud to aprticipate in this year's KittyCtas Advent Calendar !! Are you wondering how it works? You only need to go to KittyCats main Store or the new themed KittyCats Winter Wonderland sims and click on the calendar to get your gift.

Best thing is they'll stay during the whole December month, so if you are late you can still grab many of the amazing gifts designers from all over the grid have provided for the KittyCats community.

Nailed It - KittyCats GIFT

I wanted to make a set of nails with kitties in them but then I realized the great success my previous animal fur set had on the customers and decided to make a special KittyCats Fur set so you can match your nail color with your favourite KittyCat.

Nailed it Vendor - KittyCats Fur Set

At some point I thought that since this is an Advent Calendar I should've made a Christmas themed nail set instead and started working on it. When they both were finished I couldn't just decide which one to choose as gift for the KittyCats community and opted for adding both :)

Nailed it Vendor - KittyCats Advent Set

I would like to thank all the KittyCats staff and particularly my friend Callie Cline for allowing me to be part of this amazing event. I truly think the KittyCats community is absolutely amazing and I love their group chat, so this is my gift in return for everything you all make to make my Second Life better.

Hope you like it !!



Honey said...

They're lovely Giela, thank you for sharing them!

Laura18 Streeter said...

aw they are so cute :P

Giela Delpaso said...

Thank you!!! So happy you like them :))) *mwah*

Dearra Silbersztein said...

Thank you, I got them and adore them.

Giela Delpaso said...

Thank you Dearra!! <3