Mar 30, 2011

Baiastice New Hair attachments

Rihanna 1

On my last post I already told you Sissy Pessoa from Baiastice had released her new collection of hair attachments and teased you with one of my favourites called Dolly. Today I am going to show you another 9 gorgeous styles available on this very complete collection of sexy ponytails, glamorous updos, rocky crests and stylish cuts. To spicy it up a little bit, since I wrote my first tutorial on how to easily edit your lashes last week, I decided to mix them with different lashes just to show you some more options, hope you enjoy them.

Biastice Hair attachments 1 - Glow Lashes

1. Baiastice Yodi in blonde with Glow Studio Devilicious eyelashes
2. Baiastice Big Crest in black with Glow Studio Innocent eyelashes gentle
3. Baiastice Alec in red with Glow Studio Innocent eyelashes pure

Biastice Hair attachments 2 - Cake Lashes

4. Baiastice Fujiko in black with FNKY Cake Vamp lashes
5. Baiastice Crest in red with FNKY Cake Wing lashes
6. Baiastice Miranda in brown with FNKY Cake Deco lashes

Biastice Hair attachments 3 - Lelutka and CCD lashes

7. Baiastice Billy in brown with LeLutka 2011 lashes
8. Baiastice Great Night in red with CCD Jewels eyelashes
9. Baiastice Rosario in blonde with LeLutka photoshoot eyelashes

If you are worried about the attachments not matching your skin don't fear, hair bases in tattoo form are also available on store in 12 different colours to fit all different tastes. Besides that hairs are also modify, so small tone modifications can be made if your hair color is slightly different than the ones available. For example in the first picture I added pink undertones to the base red peach hair to finish off my Rihanna look. 


Mar 25, 2011

LOTD - GizzA and Baiastice

Gizza Amorah 1

It is no secret I am a big fan of Gizza designs but honestly,I think Giz Seorn has outdone herself this time. Amorah 2 has not only the realistic textures and good cut we expect from Gizza but also perfectly well finished sculpties and lots of little details that made this piece an instant favourite as soon as I saw it on the store poster.

Gizza Amorah 3

To make my day perfect Sissy Pessoa fromBaiastice also released her new collection of hair attachments and of course there you had me drooling at the posters and getting them all . As always they are all fabulous, from the classy updo's to the fancy ponytails, there are also some punk inspired crests and cuts but to match this unique design I had to chose the truly artistic Dolly that gives the whole look a final mysterious allure.

Gizza Amorah 2

Skin: Baiastice Marina Peach (by Sissy Pessoa)
Makeup: Baiastice Mag Lipstick gold and Mia and Hip eyeliners (by Sissy Pessoa)
Eyes: Acid & Mala - Human Eyes V.2 - Moss with dilated Pupil (by Mala Oh)
Lashes: Je suis... appearance lashes No.004 (by Julia Merosi)
Hair: Baiastice Dolly hair attachment in brown (by Sissy Pessoa)

Outfit: Gizza Amorah in brown (by Giz Seorn)
Tattoo: White Widow Les Fleurs Du Mal (by Julie Hastings)
Boots: *YS&YS* Yeti Boots (by Monyka Benelli)

Poses: Di's Opera (by Di Hoorenbeek)


Mar 24, 2011

Red is the color of hope!

Yes, I know the color of hope is actually green, but this beautiful dress from Azul  called Esperanca, despite being red, is a fabulous way to give hope to those in need and raise money for the Red Cross which is scaling up its relief operations to help meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of survivors who are now housed in evacuation centers following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.


Hair is my long time favourite Tiffany from Vanity Hair, nails are number P060 Manish Red from Candy Nails and both earrings and eyelashes come from je suis... by Julia Merosi. I have used the ones with cute red hearts but you can find these four different designs on store and these lashes are the easy to fit ones that you can move prim by prim to fit your eyes. In order to help your lashes fit perfectly I also wrote a small adjusting lashes tutorial for those who may need it, you can read it clicking here.

Pose from Manifeste by July Raymaker.


How to fit your prim eyelashes.

Giela Delpaso Headshot
Cake eyelashes.

Fitting prim lashes seems to be a common problem for a lot of residents out there so I have decided to write a very small lashes tutorial to share with you all. Please understand this is how I do it, I am sure there are many other ways to make prim lashes work and I am also sure there are very good tutorials out there but I have found this way to be very easy because I change my lashes frequently and I lack the patience to edit them to perfection every time I wear them. 

1. Make a copy of your lashes first.
2. Make sure you made a copy of your lashes.
3. Wear a alpha layer to hide SL default lashes. (I use the alpha layers from Sindecade) *
4. Wear a tattoo eye-liner. You can go dramatic at this point but it is very important that you have upper and lower eyelid line so you have a place to position your lashes at. (I use the pack from Baiastice which includes several eyeliners with and without tattoo lashes for a more dramatic final effect).

Lashes - Lelutka
LeLutka photoshoot II lashes natural and with alpha layer and eyeliner.

5. Wear your lashes, get on a pose stand, click ctrl+0 until you are inside your brain and start editing your lashes heavily using edit linked parts. Move them up and down, back and forward but avoid rotating unless you are avid for adventure.
6. When you think they are perfect, zoom around and discover they are still pretty weird. Get back on the posestand and continue editing, zooming and rotating your camera until they are perfect.
7. Read 6 again. Please. Thank you. Remember if you screw up you can always do Ctrl+z do undo last step. In case you screw up badly delete and go back to step 2.
8. There are different kinds of prim lashes. The ones that have an alpha texture plus and the lashes texture  on them, for example LeLutka old version, FNKY Cake or Glow lashes are usually bigger and more dramatic and these lashes are easier to adjust if you use a good eye liner that fills the empty spots they may leave on your eyelids border. Then we have fully sculpted prim eyelashes which I find easier to adjust for beginners because you just need patience to edit prim by prim but they end up looking perfect, examples are je suis..., CCD jewels and the new LeLutka 2011. Choosing one or another depends on your style and personal taste but also on your eye shape, since some lashes will be easier to adjust for certain eyes. 

Lashes - je suis
Je suis lashes 1 and 2 with alpha layer and eyeliner.

9. When you are done remember to manually detach your prim lashes and attach them again, this way you make sure SL saves the prims position and they will be ready next time you want to use them.
10. Enjoy, beautiful detailed perfectly fitted eyelashes. 

Oh la lashes
Baiastice eyeshadow + Baiastice tattoo lashes + Baiastice eyeliner + Je suis... lashes.

I don't care what they say out there, prim lashes when fitted correctly, always look way better than tattooed ones. What I do sometimes is wear both tattoo and prim lashes, which makes your eyes gain depth and every single spot is filled making your eyes look really beautiful. For some dramatic effects I also wear 2 different prim lashes together, attaching one to nose and the other one to mouth.

Also remember that if you wear an eye-shadow without eye-liner on v2.0  you can add a liner layer over it in order to make your lashes fit perfectly, but you need to add that layer AFTER the shadow and not before it, like I did on the picture above.

I hope you have found my first tutorial useful and easy to follow and for those of you who were afraid or scared of using prim lashes before I also hope you will at least give them a try now.

*EDIT 1: Adding a help on how to use Trins Alpha layers.
You need to grab the "Trins Alpha Layer Set Pro" from Sindecade store. First make a copy of the alpha layer given and rename it for example "no lashes" wear it and then right click and choose edit. Once the edition window opens just click on HEAD ALPHA square and choose the alpha texture from your Trins folder called: Alpha Mask - Head 0 (hide eyelashes) yes the square should be black. Save and Exit. Now you have your No lashes alpha layer ready to use whenever you need it.Please remember that if you are already using an alpha layer on, for instance, your boots, you can still right click and select ADD to wear both alpha layers on any v2.0 compatible viewer. 


Mar 20, 2011

Fashion for Life - Congratulations

I would like to congratulate everyone that has participated on this year "Fashion for Life" event. From the fabulous organization to each and every one of the sponsors, designers, members of the press, artists, performers, DJs, bloggers, builders, scripters and  everyone who has donate a single L$ to Relay for Life. Thanks to all of you because "Fashion for Life" has already raised the incredible sum of  4.000.000L$  for the American Cancer Society. Well done you all!!!

Fashion For Life - Congratulations!

Even though the fair will still run until march 22nd I have decided to make this final post showcasing a all-FFL styling to close this week of crazy blogging. I really hope you have enjoyed my black and white spam and most of all I hope I have done my bit on making you visit the fair and contribute with this great cause ... I just hope.

In case you haven't I am pretty sure you won't be able to resist any of these pretties: 

Hair has been designed by the talented Elikapeka Tiramisú from Elikatira and her store is the big sponsor one located at the Bourke White sim built by Syngen Somers. Teleport here.

This delicate necklace is one of the two hunt items that our sweet Alienbear Gupte from Alienbear Designs has set up at her store on Ansel Adams sim, sponsored by Designing Nicky Ree and built by Frederick Lancaster. Teleport here

This stunning black and white dress, as you may have already guessed, has been designed by the fabulous Azul artist Mami Jewell who's store is also located on the Ansel Adams sim. Teleport Here

And finally this precious shoes made by Claire Messenger from N-Core, which I'm pretty sure will become a favourite of mine. Her store is located on the Helmut Newton sim built by Raven Haalan. Teleport Here

I hope I have made you click on the SLURLS and visit the fair for the first or the nineteenth time. I'll be back soon with some colorful stuff, in the meantime you can find me shopping at any of the Fashion for Life sims. Think we can get to 5.000.000L$ ?? WE RELAY!!!


Mar 19, 2011

Fashion for Life - House of RFyre

House of RFyre is also one of the sponsors of Fashion for Life. My dear Raven Pennyfeather has a gorgeous store located on the Stieglitz sim, which has been built by no other than Grace Loudon, and there you will find several RFyre creations, for both male and female, settled so you can donate for a great cause and go home with a unique and beautiful garment to wear at the next event. I have chosen stunning this piece called " For the love of..", I don't need to tell you why, just look at the's faaaaaaabulous!!!

Fashion For Life - RFyre

Skin: Baiastice Marina Peach & Baiastice Diva Lipstic (by Sissy Pessoa)
Eyes: Lelutka Ellis eyes - cloud (by Minnu Palen)
Earrings: Mandala T piercing in black (by kikunosuke Eel)
Necklace: PERTURB/ation Eden Choker black
Nails: Candy Nails #P048Runway Black(by peche Bury)
Poses: Di's Opera (by Di Hoorenbeek)

We are really near the 4ML$ barrier, have you done your bit yet?


Evane models presents - Finesmith

Evane Models - Finesmith Show

I would like to invite you all to a really unique spring show: "Shine on you crazy diamond", produced by Evane Models Agency and showcasing the latest precious creations of Yula Finesmith from Finesmith Designs.

Models for today show are: Blackliquid Tokyoska, Caoimhe Lionheart, Giela Delpaso, Miaa Rebane, Mimmi Boa and Rissa Friller. 

Yes it is not a typo, I am walking a runway again.  Mimmi asked me and I just can't say no to my amorita. I 've been on diet for 2 weeks to fit in this models size clothes and also been working on poses and walks for 4 days because I feel like I am too old to do this again LOL

Our beatiful host this time , since I am walking, will be the beautiful Cheer Gymnast but I will still be providing some cool music for your entertainment.

Date: Saturday, March 19th
Time:  1:00 pm SLT

As you can see on the picture I am ready to rock that runway with a selection of the best models on the grid 
gathered for a single spectacular fashion show. I don't need to tell you to come, this time I know no one is going miss it !!


P.S. The key to avoid lagging to death and seeing the models grey at any fashion show is arrive early so all the textures load on your computer and you need to charge the less information possible once we start walking on the catwalk, so please come early !! 

Mar 17, 2011

Fashion for Life - Aleida

A few things you should know about Fashion for Life :

The fair will be open only until March 22nd, so you should hurry and get your shopping done and not wait until last day, when lag always hits harder. Lag has been good at least during the week, even for my terrible connection, breaking it into 9 different sims have helped improve conditions for players greatly I would say, and last but most important of all a total of 3,385,042 L$ has been raised already thanks to sponsoring, rents and sales. Congrats everyone from organization to entertainment and of course designers.

Designers like Aleida Rhode from Alëida who has this beautiful Melanie couture gown in cream along with some other designs, and even skins from her recently released line, all set for sale to benefit the American Cancer Society. 

Fashion For Life - Aleida

Skin: Baiastice Marina Peach & Baiastice Mag Lipstic (by Sissy Pessoa)
Hair: Sixty Nine (by Kumii Yoshikawa)
Eyes: Lelutka Ellis eyes - cloud (by Minnu Palen)
Jewlery: Je suis... tente sunset (by Julia Merosi)
Poses: Imperial Elegance (bu Sai Pennell)

Outfit: Alëida Melanie Couture Gown creme

Gown is available at Aleida Fashion for Life store located on the Helmut Newton sim, sponsored by KMadd Enterprise and built by Raven Haalan.

Do you think we can hit 4 millions? I think we do because We Relay !!!!


Mar 16, 2011

Fashion For Life - Shiki

I'm thinking I should have named this series: How to get broke for a good cause @ Fashion for Life instead...
This time I visited Shiki and  I couldn't choose just one.

Fashion For Life - Shiki

Skin: Baiastice Marina Peach & makeups (by Sissy Pessoa)
Hair: Vanity Hair blush and Tiffany (By Tabata Jewell)
Eyes: Lelutka Ellis eyes - cloud (by Minnu Palen)
Earrings: Glow Studio Pure Sparrow (by Jocelyn Anatine and Anemysk Karu) 
Alienbear Designs Ambrosia (by Alienbear Gupte)
Poses:BehaviorBody (by Antosperandeo Allen)

Outfit: Shiki Yuki, glamorous and Tokyo (byShinichi Mathy)

All these beautiful dresses are available at Shiki Fashion for Life store located on the Helmut Newton sim, sponsored by KMadd Enterprise and built by Raven Haalan. All of them are sold to benefit Relay for life.


Mar 15, 2011

Fashion For Life - Fab.Pony

I even managed to find cool black and white casual wear at  Fashion for Life while visiting Fab.Pony.

Fashion For Life - Fab.Pony

Skin: Baiastice Marina Peach with Baiastice  (by Sissy Pessoa)
Hair: Love Soul Hair 058 black (by Bluestarrui Villota)
Eyes: Lelutka Ellis eyes - cloud (by Minnu Palen)
Scarf: YS & YS Vintage Scarf B&W (by Monicuzza Babenco)
Shoes: Nardcotix  Mana Chelo (by Nardya Rousselot)
Pose: Torridwear (by Torrid Midnight)

Outfit: Fab.pony Chloe jeans and Samantha stripped tank in white.

Outfit  and also earrings, which are one of the prizes in Fab.Pony gatcha, are available at Fab.Pony fashion for life store located on the Shulman sim, sponsored by .:WoE.: and built by Nigel Riel, who did an awesome job,  this is one of my favourite sims, you have to check it out.

 Remember 100% proceeds go to Relay for Life, so run and get yours before fair ends !!!


Fashion For Life - Clio

I still have some Fashion for Life black and white gorgeousness to bring, it's time for Clio.

Fashion For Life - Clio

Skin: Baiastice Marina Peach with Baiastice Mag lipstick passion fuchsia (by Sissy Pessoa)
Hair: booN UPP18 hair black (boo Nakamura)
Eyes: Lelutka Ellis eyes - cloud (by Minnu Palen)
Jewelry: Alienbear Designs Dark heart diamonds drop (by Alienbear Gupte)
Ring: caLLie cLine The black heart rock 10-10-10 (by Callie Cline) *
Pose: Body Talking (by Arisia Ashmoot)

Outfit: Clio Jaqueline Black and White gown.

Jaqueline is available at Clio Fashion for Life store located on the Ansel Adams Sim sponsored by Designing Nicky Ree and built by Frederick lancaster. Remember 100% proceeds go to Relay for Life !!!


Mar 14, 2011

Fashion For Life - LeeZu

More Fashion for Life proposals: LeeZu!

Fashion For Life - LeeZu

Skin: Baiastice Marina Peach with Baiastice Jes lipstick deep violet(by Sissy Pessoa)
Hair: Love Soul Hair 050B black (by Bluestarrui Villota)
Eyes: Lelutka Ellis eyes - cloud (by Minnu Palen)
Jewelry: Dark Mouse in B&W (at FFL) (by Mouse Mimistrobell)
Nails: Candy Nails  P028 (by peche Bury)
Pose: Imperial Elegance (by Sai Pennell)

Outfit: LBD Lizz in black

Lizz in black and also white version and 2 other beautiful dresses, are available at Leezu FFL store located on the Helmut Newton sim, sponsored by KMadd Enterprises and built by Raven Haalan. 
Remeber 100% proceeds of the items located on the Fashion for Life special vendors go to Relay for Life !!!