Mar 30, 2011

Baiastice New Hair attachments

Rihanna 1

On my last post I already told you Sissy Pessoa from Baiastice had released her new collection of hair attachments and teased you with one of my favourites called Dolly. Today I am going to show you another 9 gorgeous styles available on this very complete collection of sexy ponytails, glamorous updos, rocky crests and stylish cuts. To spicy it up a little bit, since I wrote my first tutorial on how to easily edit your lashes last week, I decided to mix them with different lashes just to show you some more options, hope you enjoy them.

Biastice Hair attachments 1 - Glow Lashes

1. Baiastice Yodi in blonde with Glow Studio Devilicious eyelashes
2. Baiastice Big Crest in black with Glow Studio Innocent eyelashes gentle
3. Baiastice Alec in red with Glow Studio Innocent eyelashes pure

Biastice Hair attachments 2 - Cake Lashes

4. Baiastice Fujiko in black with FNKY Cake Vamp lashes
5. Baiastice Crest in red with FNKY Cake Wing lashes
6. Baiastice Miranda in brown with FNKY Cake Deco lashes

Biastice Hair attachments 3 - Lelutka and CCD lashes

7. Baiastice Billy in brown with LeLutka 2011 lashes
8. Baiastice Great Night in red with CCD Jewels eyelashes
9. Baiastice Rosario in blonde with LeLutka photoshoot eyelashes

If you are worried about the attachments not matching your skin don't fear, hair bases in tattoo form are also available on store in 12 different colours to fit all different tastes. Besides that hairs are also modify, so small tone modifications can be made if your hair color is slightly different than the ones available. For example in the first picture I added pink undertones to the base red peach hair to finish off my Rihanna look. 


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