Mar 20, 2011

Fashion for Life - Congratulations

I would like to congratulate everyone that has participated on this year "Fashion for Life" event. From the fabulous organization to each and every one of the sponsors, designers, members of the press, artists, performers, DJs, bloggers, builders, scripters and  everyone who has donate a single L$ to Relay for Life. Thanks to all of you because "Fashion for Life" has already raised the incredible sum of  4.000.000L$  for the American Cancer Society. Well done you all!!!

Fashion For Life - Congratulations!

Even though the fair will still run until march 22nd I have decided to make this final post showcasing a all-FFL styling to close this week of crazy blogging. I really hope you have enjoyed my black and white spam and most of all I hope I have done my bit on making you visit the fair and contribute with this great cause ... I just hope.

In case you haven't I am pretty sure you won't be able to resist any of these pretties: 

Hair has been designed by the talented Elikapeka Tiramisú from Elikatira and her store is the big sponsor one located at the Bourke White sim built by Syngen Somers. Teleport here.

This delicate necklace is one of the two hunt items that our sweet Alienbear Gupte from Alienbear Designs has set up at her store on Ansel Adams sim, sponsored by Designing Nicky Ree and built by Frederick Lancaster. Teleport here

This stunning black and white dress, as you may have already guessed, has been designed by the fabulous Azul artist Mami Jewell who's store is also located on the Ansel Adams sim. Teleport Here

And finally this precious shoes made by Claire Messenger from N-Core, which I'm pretty sure will become a favourite of mine. Her store is located on the Helmut Newton sim built by Raven Haalan. Teleport Here

I hope I have made you click on the SLURLS and visit the fair for the first or the nineteenth time. I'll be back soon with some colorful stuff, in the meantime you can find me shopping at any of the Fashion for Life sims. Think we can get to 5.000.000L$ ?? WE RELAY!!!



Samara Cavalieri said...

Yes, I just went to Azul and N-Core! I've been meaning to go back and look around again and you made it easy. Thx :D

Giela Delpaso said...

Awww great choice Samara, I am happy it helped :)