Apr 6, 2011

Project FUR Japan - KittyCats

Project FUR Japan - KittyCats 1

I think you all know I am a crazy cat lady already, breeding all my cute KittyCats and not being able to separate from them got me stuck in a house full of kittens I have to cuddle all day long, but as soon as I arrived to the Project FUR Japan sim and I saw was this huge statue of a family of perfect and detailed porcelain cats created by the KittyCats team for this special event I just had to get them.

Project FUR Japan - KittyCats 2

I actually got two different kittens: One Kibo Neko Hope Cat, the one with red ears and collar,  which is for sale at Project FUR Japan with 100% proceeds being donated to JEARS to help save the lost and hurt animals of the Japanese people and one Yuki Neko Courage Cat, which is the one with yellow ears and collar, for sale at the KittyCats main store and whose proceeds will go towards charity for the Japanese People.

These pretties have special eyes, special collars and they also feature a never before shown Porcelain shade.   Each cat comes with Kitty Kibble for one week and are sold as a single cat with a random gender. I got two boys, if anyone has one girl that want to trade , let me know!


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Unknown said...

Hi Giela, I have 3 girls!! Happy to trade for a boy, im me inworld!

Halfpint Pennell