Sep 14, 2013

Learning to Decorate with The Arcade - The Wizard Castle

The Wizard Castle

Now that you know you are a complete mess, your inventory is a complete mess and your house is a complete mess is about time to put some order in your SLife. The easier way to do that is to find a theme (or 2) around which we will organize all our recently acquired Arcade Items. Like I already introduced in my previous post I decided to spread items in 4 different themes and today I proudly present you, the second one The Wizard Castle.

I started this set using the amazing bookshelves from Alouette named You are a Wizard, which gave me the main idea for this set.  I edited them to remove some things from the shelves and included a lot of different items from other gatcha machines, like some of O.M.E.N. - Fairytale Gatcha pretties, Lark - Imaginarium Librarium perfectly made shinies and the delicate and beautiful Baiastice Porcelaine Fairies, my preciousssssss!!!

The Wizard Castle - The Wizard
The Wizard

But I just couldn't stop there. Now that I had finally started a Fantasy post, away from the usual fashion stylings from this blog, I felt the need to match some outfits. I love playing MMORPGS, at the moment I am back into RIFT which became Free- to-Play not long ago and one of the things I have always enjoyed of roleplaying games is wearing different armors, from chain to leather and beautiful silk dresses. So I styled two different outfits for this post. The first one (the wizard on the above picture) is from an amazing store I found called "Losthaven" that provides high quality roleplaying gear, armors and weapons from all sorts. It was hard to choose one, it really was, but this "Lady Diabolique" mesh dress really got me on first sight, I still need to return and get one of these incredible WoW armor sets *drools* ...soon...

The Wizard Castle - The Warrior
The Warrior

For the second styling I needed a warrior or paladin armor to match my  Sword of Might from DECO Legends, and whenever I am in a hurry to find something in particular, there is a place I know I can head to and quickly find exactly what I need, that place is no other than BareRose Tokyo  from June Dion. I must confess I got 4 different outfits on this trip, and that is the problem with BareRose, I can never leave with just one bag. June that's why I don't visit you more often, even with your low prices you would get me broke in No Time!

I just hope you enjoyed the Second Phase of my Learning to Decorate endeavour, even if I ended up redirecting it to fashion *giggles* I will be back soon with my balloon trip.

Now credits, again TONS of credits.

Items from The Arcade September Round

Alouette Bookshelf Gatcha by  (50L$ to play)
You're A Wizard Bookshelf #9 

Baiastice Porcelaine Fairies Collection by Sissy Pessoa (50L$ to play)
Lullaby, Sleepy, petite, Brat, Mystic, Dreamer, Vampire, Popstar, Drama, Twins and Gold Queen RARE

Lark - Imaginarium Librarium by Sienia Trevellion (50L$ to play)
Treasures, Roots, Poetry and Foot Ladder

O.M.E.N. - Fairytale Gatcha by Damien (damascusvera) (50L$ to play)
Alice - Tea Party Cup. Drinke Me and Silver Serving Tray
Little Mermaid - Musical Pipe and Shell & Sparkle
Aladdin - Dome 
Snow White -  Dwarf Gems
* The colorful books on the shelves are the containers for the O.M.E.N items listed before.

DIGS - Straw Bale Seats by Iris Maskelyne (100L$ to play)
Straw Bale Seat - Mustard

DECO Legends by Orchid Zenovka (100L$ to play)
Sword of Might (paladin) Trunk where sword was delivered.

[ keke ] Dreamers medicine cabinet by Kean Kelly (25L$ to play)
labeled medicine bottle - mercury fluid and drop bottle - jupiter dew

Items from MudHoney: Blue Floral Rug, Greens Floral Rug, Spring Wheat Pot, Candles and Window.

Items from Botanical: Botanical - Crystal 1 (Flame) 4 & Botanical - Crystal 4 (Malachite) *vintage*

Items from Sky Everett Designs: Color change drape/S wall w/vallance *vintage*

Items from Vespertine broken birdcage/teal & fabric birds songbird/turquiose, chickadee/white and songbird 2/red from The Arcade June Round

Picture on the wall: "Protector of the Elvin Maiden" by Mrs Ganta DevnoH.

The Wizard Castle - The Wizard

Hair: D!va Hair "Giz" (Type A)(Onyx) (by available @ The Arcade September Round.
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy - America - 04 C (by Aida Ewing) available @ The Arcade September Round.
Dress: Losthaven Lady Diabolique Gown - Red/Black (by Tala Laval)
Earrings: Alienbear Designs Bloody Queen Rohesia earrings (by Alienbear Gupte)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands Relaxed (by Siddean Munro)
Nails: Nailed It I love you too set (by ME!)

The Wizard Castle - The Warrior

Hair: [Atro Patena] - Orlando_Mocha (by MechuL Actor)
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy - America - 08 C (by Aida Ewing) available @ The Arcade September Round.
Outfit: BareRose ::: B@R ::: Dress Plate Armor (by June Dion)
Piercing: [MANDALA] FEMALE T,Piercing/black [L] (by kikunosuke eel)
Sword:  DECO Legends  - Sword of Might (paladin) (by Orchid Zenovka)


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