Jan 4, 2014

Item of the week - IOTW - Helmet by Giela Delpaso

I looooove styling, it's what I spend most of the time doing in SL, and opossite of what most people do, I usually style around one item or pose, and not according to a particular trend. Thats why IOTW instantly called my attention!

IOTW randomly names an item for the week, and allows everyone on teh grid to style anything around the main item, anyway you want. It opens up your creative process and makes you think how you will want to use that particula item.For week One, the item is HELMET

Nariko Okawa

Woot! My imagination went wild. I could be an astronaut, I could be a metal worker (Flashdance anyone?), I could be a car race pilot....or I could be a marine! If I lived in the USA I am sure I would have enrolled the army. Maybe I am not tought enough to be a marine myself, but would have probably suited a background work at any of the Navy or Army departments. As you may figure, in Spain is not quite the same LOL, that's why for this IOTW I choose to be a Vietnam USA Marine.

IOTW - Helmet Giela Delpaso 1


Hair: Vanity Hair Fallen (by Tabata Jewell)
Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Blue (by Ikon Innovia)
Skin: Glam Affair Mokatana skin América 08 (by Aida Ewing)
Lips: Glam Affair Mokatana lips 02 (by Aida Ewing) 

Slink Mesh Hands Relaxed (by Siddean Munro)
Glam Affair Skin Appliers for Slink avatar enhancements (by Aida Ewing)
Nails: Nailed It MVW Autumn Set - Forest (by Giela Delpaso)

Helmet: Dirty Rat Army Helmet (by n0th1ng Ackland)
Top: Twisted Angels - Tank Top (by twistedangels)
Sunglasses: Redgrave Aviators Sunglasses (by Emilia Redgrave)
Necklace: TonkTastic - Dogtags (by Tonk Tomcat)
Cuffs:  Baiastice Tripple skulls leather cuff black (by Sissy Pessoa)
Cigarrete: FNKY Cigarette II (by Funk Schnook)
Skirt: Miel Cargo skirt Khaki (by Miel Nirvana)
Boots:  Death Row Designs worn combats female (by Jaimy Hancroft)

Poses from {Imeka~} by Nati Williams

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