Dec 18, 2010

Miss Virtual World 2011 - Today is The Day.


MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 will be held on December 18th at 10 am SLT. 

Some of our sponsors will be hosting VIEWING PARTIES in their own locations to watch LIVE on METAVERSE TV.

Unico Solo - cStar Skins 

Ramona Criss - My Animation

Mami Jewel - Azul

Amutey DeCuir - Bliss Couture

AlexWyler Yoshikawa - Tukinowaguma

Barbarella Cioc - B! Fashion

Candylicious Forster - AvCON

Velvetori Twine - Velvetrythms

pixivor allen - AlaFolie

yula Finesmith - Finesmith Designs

Ohren Beck- INXX Holdings

PLEASE BE AWARE, THERE WILL BE NO LIVE AUDIENCE AT THIS YEAR'S MVW PAGEANT. The only way to view it LIVE is on a Metaverse TV or via their website:


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