Dec 2, 2010


Neiva Kumasi - Monique

After all these years into SL modeling it still feel really honoured when a designer asks me to pose for him/her, these rare moments are the most precious ones for me as a model. It means all the work you have done really shows, it means you have accomplished your true role as a model. 

When Misha Flanangan from Neiva Kumasi IMed me asking if I would like to model for one in-store advert for her lingerie I think I totally screamed to her ... yes my bad... I had only spoken to her I think once before, and I had never applied for a work at her store but still she chose me to be one of her models and I just can't thank her enough.

I am wearing "Monique" in meadow, a delicate bra, undies and corset combination with the perfect amount of sheer to make you look sexy yet elegant. 

Models from left to right: Misha Flanagan, Rhonda Pennel,  Shaley Mills  and Giela Delpaso.

Outfit Credits:
Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach
Hair: Elikatira Vivid Red 05
Lingerie: Neiva Kumasi Monique Meadow
Earrings: Mandala Shaka Earrings in green


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