Jul 30, 2013

Nailed It New Releases: Chevron and Ombre

Nailed It - Marketplace Banner

Hello all!! I've just released 3 new nail sets at Nailed It. All these nail sets work with Slink Avatar enhancement hands, feet and fingernails. So even if I am only showing you Slink hands on the posters, all designs work perfectly for toenails and mesh fingernails as well. 

Nailed it Vendor - Ombre Set

Ombre set was a request by a friend, Thalia Heckrothwho sent me some Pinterest links to get ideas from and told me she was using this one in RL and would love to have it in SL as well. Well dear Thalia, your wish is my command!! 

I included some neutral colors and also some shiny ones that fit this summer fashion trends better, but I have like 20 ideas more so expect another set coming soon hehe.

Nailed it Vendor - Chevron Set - Warm Colors

Nailed it Vendor - Chevron Set Cool Colors

Chevron Warm Colors and Chevron Cool Colors: Two variations of this Chevron Pattern that we have seen so much lately on magazines and runways.

I tried to make all shades fit in one single set, but I was leaving colors behind and I just hate when a dress or an accessory is not available in the color I want so I am trying to avoid that when I choose my colors. If you happen to need a custom color variation or need a custom set made for you, feel free to send me an IM and I will be more than happy to work on it for you.

I also had some requests to include hand size 0 and hand size 10 on the free prim nails pack included on the vendors and I have already made them and added size 10 to all previous sets and will be including size 0 and 10 starting from this release. I hope I have everyone covered now.... I just HATE working with small prims in-world hahaha

I STILL strongly recommend to buy Slink anhancement Fingernails, since those are mesh and will fit your hands perfectly no matter what size they are or what pose you use, and they also look much  better than prim nails for only 150L$.

I just hope you like them all as much as I do!!

Nailed It is available on The Marketplace and at Baiastice Beauty Department. Happy Shopping!



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