Aug 2, 2013

Nailed It - I love you too Set

Nailed It - Marketplace Banner

Hello everyone!!! Today I bring you another release at Nailed It. This is the I love you too Set and I made it because I really needed to let you know how much I love you all.

I was very happy to open my own store but when I started this new endeavour I never expected it to be so succesful, I never expected to get so many compliments and good reviews from my customers,  I also never expected to open the feeds and see posts by some of the best bloggers on the grid wearing my nails. I almost cried on first one and still scream out loud when any of my favourite bloggers suddently post a picture with my nails and I run to credits to read the name on them because I really can't believe they decided to feauture me. But they did!!

Nailed it Vendor - Nailed It - I 3 U 2

I have always dreamed to be able to create something beautiful in Second Life that I could share with my friends, but I never expected  Nailed It to be so prosper, to have so many sales and get so many compliments...and I just needed to say it. I love you all too . Thank you so much!


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