Jan 8, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Silver

Yay I made it !!! Its almost Saturday but I sienna challenge is not out yet sooooooo... I am not late for this week's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, woot ! I read a plurk from Luna this afternoon saying she was shopping for sienna and I almost died, I even cried on her timeline, I couldn't believe I was late again just because technology hates me. I have been trying to take this picture for 3 days, and I am not kidding. People on the [JP] sims may think I am one of the bot-residents because I have been standing there with all my shopping bags trying to take this picture and crashing every single time, and every single time....

I don't know what happens to my SL but trust me when I say it has it's own mind. It has now decided that shadows will no longer work....all of a sudden... and maybe it is also true I am not very tech savvy but come on all of a sudden? SL just hates me, but that's not news; so I had to steal hubby VAIO and install Kirstens on it so I could finally manage to take a decent picture with shadows, but at the end I have to say it was worth all the trouble because I am quite proud of it (insert proud emote here). 

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Week 9 Silver

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach
Hair: Vanity Hair Ayo in Silver

Shirt: Nardcotix Noir N.14 Top (part of outfit)
Skirt: Baiastice Leather print skirt in silver
Jacket: GizzA Winter Charm Jacket (part of outfit)

Earrings: +plus Black Pearl Earrings in silver
Necklace: Yabusaka Anchor Choker
Glasses: YV Maya Sunglasses
Shoes: Baiastice Damasamba shoes in silver

Pose and shopping bags from Glitterati


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