Jan 29, 2011

Miss Virtual World Academy February Available courses

MVW Modeling Academy

MVW Academy offers a complete training for both new and experienced models guided by the most accomplished top models in SL.  An in-deep program focused on bringing only the best, fully trained and most professional models into the SL fashion industry.

This are the available courses and their instructors for the month of February.

Modeling 101

Instructor: Wicca Merlin on Sunday, February 6th - 1:00 pm SLT

Instructor: Nemi McCoy on Friday, February 4th - 2:00 pm SLT

Modeling 102

Instructor: dancer Dallagio on Sunday, February 13th - 2:00 pm SLT

Instructor: Kay Fairey on Sunday, February 13th - 4:00 pm SLT

Modeling 103

Instructor: Shae Sixpence on  Sunday, February 20th - 1:00 pm SLT

Instructor: Kay Fairey on  Sunday, February 20th - 3:00 pm SLT

Instructor: Mui Mukerji on Sunday, February 20th - 4:00 pm SLT

Modeling 104

Instructor: Miaa Rebane on  Sunday, February 27th - 2:00 pm SLT

Instructor: Mimmi Boa on Tuesday, March 1st - 12:00 noon SLT

If you  need more information or want an application form please contact me (Giela Delpaso) in-world. 



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