Jan 5, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Trying to catch up - Week 8: Green

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Week 8 Green

I have to confess green was an easy choice, I had been trying to blog this dress for the past few weeks but didn't have a chance. Silk, feathers and a beautiful cleavage, what else could I ask for ?!?  Just another masterpiece from the talented  Mami Jewel of Azul, equally glamorous and sexy, "Jualianne"  instantly made me feel like a diva. To complete the styling I chose one of my favourites pieces from Alienbear Designs, the KrisCar II set in white diamonds, my old favourite "Queen"  hair from Bliss, my green CCD long nails with little diamonds and my green "Barbara" Moodies

I was getting a bit boring with the studio background pics so I decided to go out and take a picture at the Drowsy sim, which is not only a beautiful place but also filled with some of my favourite stores, I love to visit for some relaxed shopping out of the mainstream stores.

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Week 8 Green II

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Peach
Hair: Bliss Hair Queen Caviar
Dress:  Azul Julianne
Earrings and Necklace: Alienbear Designs KrisCar II (white)
Nails: CCD long nails + ring Excellence in green
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Barbara in green

Poses: Manifeste



blackLiquid said...
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blackLiquid said...

W O N D E R F U L G R E E N I S Y O U!

Unknown said...

tysm for beautiful pic & post!:)))

Giela Delpaso said...

Thank youuuu B!! *hughughug*

Giela Delpaso said...

Thank you so very much Mami!! I am so happy you like it <3333333 *fangirls* Mami visited my blog! Mami visited my blog!!