Jan 28, 2011

Shopping in gowns

I remember someone saying on plurk the other day she was shopping on gowns, If I recall correctly her actual words were something like "one of those girls shopping in gowns" and I couldn't but think to myself, well because You can !!! There is nothing wrong in shopping in a gown, I prefer to watch you shopping in a beautiful gown than all these shiny boobies, open pants showing something I don't really need to see from you, or even worse those really low cut pants fashion that started showing the top of your bootie and I don't know how, ended up under it ... Please I know these are "coolz" but NOT for shopping you know??? kkthxbb.

Baiastice Osram Lilac
Osram in Lilac

If you know me you know how fond I am of dressing like a princess. I love evening dresses and gowns more than jeans in SL. I think it has something to do with the very few chances I get to wear those in my RL and probably also has something to do with Baiastice and Sissy's ability to make the most wonderful gowns in SL. How could I resist wearing them all the time?

Baiastice Osram Colors
Osram Colours

So this week I had another "I feel like a princess" attack and decided I would be wearing gowns all the time again, therefore here is a big post about the latest Baistice gowns released so you can go around shopping in a gown too, that way I won't feel alone and we will be all helping the fashion community and all that shameless excuses we use for doing what we feel is not exactly right. *giggles*

Baiastice Queen of Myself White
Queen of myself in white

Were you one of those girls that only wanted the Barbie with the biggest dress? I was!!. I didn't want any kind of casual clothes, my mom could make those for me (she did all kinds of clothes for my dolls actually), but no, I wanted the one with the huge pink dress and if possible with a crown and staff included YAY!!!

Baiastice Queen of Myself Colors
Queen of myself colours

Then I grew up watching all these top models and fashion shows, loving each and every single couture collection that was released, but shopping only for casual and business clothing. I just wish I had a reason to  buy one of these RL, I never buy anything I am not going to use, of course I have a few dresses I have bought to attend to weddings or baptisms  but I just wish I had a chance to wear one of these huge gowns in RL, shopping for them must be really fun !!!

Baiastice Isabel
Isabel in White

I even managed to snap one picture during one of my travels in a gown. This is Costa Rica Ladies' Society Botanical Garden, I could not find a better location to shoot this beautiful gown that was designed for Miss Costa Rica Reign Congrejo to wear at the latest Miss Virtual World Peageant. I am ready to go dancing, anyone?!?

Baiastice Isabel Colors
Isabel Colours

And lets go with the credits, wish you all a happy shopping !!!

Hair: Lamb Lover in Ink
Ring: Paper Couture Everbloom ring

Queen of myself
Hair: Bliss Hair Brandy in Caviar
Earrings: Alienbear Designs VernaRosa earrings

Hair: Truth Sehra in expreso

Jewelry: Je suis...tente sunset necklace and bracelet

And I was lazy and wearing no shoes. Because I can.


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