Jun 4, 2013

I'll just stay home today.

Today is one of those lazy days when I don't want to do anything at all. I don't want to go shop for groceries. I don't want to cook for lunch...I just want to stay at home and sort all my amazing items from The Arcade gatcha event that flood my inventory.

The Arcade - Pink Fuel

I have already set up a lot of their items at home, I must confess I am the worst interior designer on the grid, It just amazes me when I look at the works of talented people like Editorial Clarity who make true homes out of simple prims. I just drop everything aorund and look at how beautiful things are , and how terrible they look together at my house ... but yesterday I made and effort and managed to put a few things  together in hope I could make a beautiful picture out of them.

The Arcade - Lazy Day

In the picture we can see items from 9 different designers @ The Arcade. If you just want a teleport right now, this is the direct teleport to "The Arcade". *waves goodbye* But for your shopping pleasure I will give you detailed information to each of them and also the direct teleport to each one of the gatcha machines. 

Extremely beautiful skin from Pink Fuel, soft makeup and slightly freckled.
Only 100L$ each, run for your lives!!!

Aria Teacup Planters, only 25L$ to play. 24 different designs.

Vespertine Fabric Birds, 50L$ to play, 20 diferent, icnluding rare cages.

These mesh pants I am wearing are from Emery gatcha machine, 75L$ to play and you can win 8 different color pants and 8 different colour short shirts. The texures are amazing!.

My absolutely cute flaties are a desing from BBC and called Emma apple flat shoes, they are mesh and it costs only 75L$ to play. You also have a chance to win the rare apple clutch... so kyoooot!!

On the back you can see a combination of crates creating shelves that I used in combination with the birds and the plants, and also another crate full of books, both made by Charlotte Bartlett from Scarlet Creative.
The set includes many recycled items, such as a domino I am still trying to get from the damn machine!!! OK its only 50L$ to play, but I am about to scream already!

Hanging from the shelves you can see this stylish mesh pochette from :pesca:, in many beautiful patterns, a total of 20, and only 50L$ to play.

Schadenfreude is also participating in this amazing gatcha event with these "Dress Forms", only 50L$ to win and each of them includes 4 diferent wood textures for the base, which you can also hide.

Last but not least, this perfectly made typewriter by Floorplan which includes a menu so you can change what is written on the paper from bonjour to ahoy and 7 more. Only 50L$ to play

Credits: (others than the gatcha items already featured)

Hair: Elikatira Later Brown 04 (by Elikapeka Tiramisu) vintage
Eyelashes: LeLutka Photoshoot II lashes (by Minnu Palen) vintage
Blouse: Tee*fy Milena Ruffle blouse white (by Azure Electricteeth)

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